Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Maggie Get Her Revenge?

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Joey and Jade decided to run off to California, Fynn told Steve he was causing Kayla too much stress and Abe warned Theo off from starting a relationship with Ciara this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Maggie’s desire for revenge, Joey and Jade on the run, and if Fynn should be involved with Kayla and Steve on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you want to see Joey and Jade go on the run?

Jack: If Joey/Jade were going on the run off screen I'd be all for it. As it is, this is a far inferior version of JJ running away to the park or little Ciara and Theo running away and I'm not interested at all.

Kpatch: Really, I don’t care about them at all. The actor playing Joey is awful and unconvincing. If anything, I’d like to see Jade in someone else’s orbit because he drags her down.

UhSir: Yes, but only if we get to join them on some of their escapades.

Christine: This is just a really poor version of all of the past summer teen stories on Days. No one really cares about Joey and Jade and Jade is far more interesting than Joey. The only upside is that it might get Steve and Kayla back together. Other than that I really don’t care. 

Does Fynn have any right to be telling Steve to stay away from Kayla? 

Jack: Absolutely not. Steve and Kayla have a long history and if anything, Kayla is causing herself stress with her sudden bad attitude towards Steve. That felt manipulative on Fynn’s part and yet another reason I hate this character. 

Kpatch: Fynn has a lot of nerve telling Steve to stay away. I was shocked Steve didn’t deck him.

UhSir: No. He needs to let Kayla decide what causes her stress and what doesn't. If Steve completely cuts himself out of her life it might cause more stress on Kayla. I guess this is setting up a Fynn/Kayla/Steve triangle but I hope I'm wrong.

Christine: That was just ridiculous. Fynn hs known Kayla very briefly. Steve and her have a decades long relationship and share children. Fynn really needs to butt out and between that and his bad medical advice to Abigail, I just want to see him gone. 

Fynn and Kayla - Days of Our Lives

Is Abe correct, should Theo be wary of a romance with Ciara? 

Jack: Yes, because Ciara is a huge mess right now. However Theo will not die if his heart gets broken so Abe needs to let him make his own mistakes.

Kpatch: Yes, I agree with Abe that Theo should be careful. Of course, I think any parent would give their child that same advice at that age.

UhSir: I like that Abe is talking to Theo about this and not just barking orders at him. He's allowing Theo to experience things and letting Theo know that he's there for him if ever he needs him.

Christine: Logically, yes. Ciara is in a bad emotional place to start a relationship but the heart wants what the heart wants. Even if they crash and burn, Theo will survive and at least he knows Abe is there for him. 

Were you surprised that Maggie wants revenge on Deimos? 

Jack: Yes. It seems Victor has had more of an influence on her than I thought. Maggie is generally the Queen of second chances so...What???

Kpatch: No. Deimos has ruined her life. As far as she knows, she’ll never walk again. She was looking forward to a happy and comfortable old age with her husband and Deimos took it all away.

UhSir: Nope. Maggie is sweet and understanding but even she has a limit. I don't expect she'll condone anything illegal or dangerous. And if she finds out what Victor has asked Nicole to do, he'll definitely be in the doghouse!

Christine: I was surprised but I loved it. Maggie is a strong woman but facing being paralyzed once again and Victor losing everything must make her angry. I’d love to see Maggie get her own revenge against Deimos because no one will see it coming. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem? 

Jack: Rafe and Hope making fun of Nicole. Rafe is Nicole's bff and is usually the least judgmental towards her of any man in Salem and Hope has no room to judge anyone right now.

Kpatch: That Summer is still in town. That Maggie called herself selfish for giving up a baby when she was a crippled teenager with no way to care for a baby. Maggie should have held her head high and said she did what was best for the child.

UhSir: Hope. Who is this neurotic vigilante? That is until Rafe comes around, and then she's confused and helpless. The real Hope is much stronger and smarter than this.

Christine: I agree Kpatch. Maggie was a teenager who put her child up for adoption. She made a responsible, intelligent decision. That the show is portraying that as something to be ashamed of is horrifying to me. 

JJ Tries To Help Abigail - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote or scene from the the week? 

Jack: The scenes between JJ, Jen and Abigail. It was nice to see JJ have an active role both in the show and in his family. He's earned it after his own mental illnesses made him the black sheep for no reason all these years.

Kpatch: Abby’s descent into madness in the hotel was an amazing piece of acting.

UhSir: Anytime Maggie and Victor have scenes together it's pretty much my default favorite. This week Maggie going to see Victor was some of the best they've had in a long time. Especially with Maggie giving Victor the greenlight for revenge.

Christine: Agreed. If they gave me an hour of nothing but Maggie and Victor I'd be happy. I especially loved Maggie asking Victor, "So we’re just going to let it go? Move in with Brady and Theresa and learn how to comparison shop?" That really made me laugh.

Don’t forget to check out Jack Ori’s thoughts in his Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic. 

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