Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Ouroboros

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Ooooh. Strand is going for downright evil, isn't he?

The story took a little detour on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3, while I can only guess we wrapped up the story from the web series. Did anyone watch? Am I on target?

If not (like me), the beginning of "Ouroboros" was totally new territory. 

Alicia Warrior - Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3

On the life raft, Alex and the red haired dude were fighting over what to do with the burned dude just like our group on the Abigail has been trying to determine what to do with various people they've met along the way.

Nobody is quite ready to let go of their humanity just yet, but the scene is surprising in hindsight. It's not like Alex doesn't know what's coming for the kid. Nothing good. He doesn't stand a chance in hell.

Back on the Abigail, Alicia suddenly wants to sit at the adult's table. She's realizing, rightly so, that they aren't kids anymore. There isn't a place for people her age, experiencing what she once was. They have to grow up fast. She's ready.

Strand, of course, wants to complain about every single thing that isn't his decision. He's a real pain in the ass, and a secretive one, to boot. During the hour, Madison seems torn on squashing his arrogance and standing beside the only guy with any sort of plan.

Madison: Oh, and Victor, you even look wrong at anyone in my family, and I will throw you overboard.
Strand [chuckles]: You're not a killer.

Daniel won't even deal with Strand, because he thinks he'll kill him. I'd like to see him try. Seriously. Why are they allowing a man they don't trust to run things? Just because it's his boat?

There is a lot of stuff on the island. Nick finds pharmaceuticals for Ofelia (who is a totally useless character, by the way). A captain's shirt. They're all into something.

Chris is proving to be a bit of a liability, too. He's more intent on getting his anger out by killing random walkers than doing anything to help the group. Granted, he did try to save someone on the plane, but he also got to kill him. 

Will his mindset be more fit for a killer? While they need killers for obvious reasons, he may come to relish it just a little too much. He's worrisome.

Nick slipped into a pit with a walker who was stuck in the sand. Sure, it was an accident, but it was also idiotic to have gotten that close to the edge. He wound up discovering something very helpful, but didn't share it with the group.

Certainly Nick understood what being covered in death blood meant to them overall, right? He was testing it by standing right in the face of the dead in the middle of the horde. He seemed kind of heroic coming in slaying the walkers when everyone else was in trouble.

Yeah, I like Nick.

But why didn't he tell everyone straight away about his new found super strength? Maybe because it's not that helpful on a boat. I'll go with that.

Judging by the number of walkers following Alex as she ran toward Daniel to create that horde, not many people survived the plane crash. I thought they might have been in the water as a result of the crash, but they must have gone out to get away from the walkers.

Imagine her surprise when she survived all of that only to be set adrift farther out in the ocean by an angry living human.

The word Ouroboros, in simple terms, means a snake eating it's own tail. I can only assume the Ouroboros here is Strand, who is exhibiting the self-destructive nature of killing off healthy people. 

If Strand isn't evil, he's childish. In their currently landscape, that's just as bad as evil, especially when he's in charge. They discovered they're going to Baja, Mexico, but why the secrecy of the phone calls? Something is still very, very wrong.

Judging by the lack of comments and general activity on the site, you guys just don't care. Would anything make you care? What, at this point, would make you excited to watch Fear the Walking Dead?

If you're of a mind, you can watch Fear the Walking Dead online to catch up. It's not deep, but it's entertaining. Give it a shot!

Ouroboros Review

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Madison: Oh, and Victor, you even look wrong at anyone in my family, and I will throw you overboard.
Strand [chuckles]: You're not a killer.