Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Blood Brothers

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Warden Carroll (he's never getting rid of the warden moniker) seems like a comic book bad guy.

While it's almost silly just how crooked and evil the warden really is, the events revealed on Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 1 definitely make it clear just how badly the "Blood Brothers" need to take him down.

Even if they never stepped foot in Quitman themselves, I'd be hard pressed to find a reason not to want to hang the warden myself if I started hearing about the things he condones.

Keeping up with Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 0, there was a ton of information doled out during this hour. 

While the pilot focused mainly on the four original men who went to Quiman as boys, here we learned more about Jessie and got to know Annie, which is important since Boots is dead and the only way we'll get to know him as an adult is through her.

The most significant development, though, came by way of the bad guys. 

We were given a much clearer picture of the warden, as well as Terry and his thugs, one of whom is named Eddie and the other who I'll just have to call long-hair, because if they called him by name, I sure didn't catch it. And that dude was sick (and not in a cool way).

So Warden Carroll has been on an upward climb since his days at Quitman. It's hard to understand how he has done this. It's easy to see how he progressed up the lesser rungs of the ladder; over the backs of those who were and still are scared to death of him.

But as he has become more of a "regular" citizen and removed himself from the encapsulated world of Quitman, a place where he could pretty much do what he wanted, how has he been able to, essentially, do what he wants? I assume we'll discover exactly what he holds over the heads of everyone in the state as the series progresses.

Because if there was any doubt of Warden Carroll being flat out evil, we got (somewhat unreliable) proof from a former security guard at Quitman. 

I say somewhat unreliable because of how quickly Robert Allen Marks called Carroll to confess the trio had paid him a visit. Gil knew straight away Marks' story was bullshit because he said he hadn't attended Warden's parties. Gil was there. He saw Marks. Whoops.

But Marks also knows the trio filmed him and his "confession" of sorts, which directly defies what he told Warden went down during the visit. Marks has to know he's a dead man if that tape sees the light of day. Then again, he may know he's a dead man either way.

The story of Petey and the stump killer poison was horrific. If it went down as everyone says, and why wouldn't it have if Petey has been missing since that day, then they have a murder they can pin onto Carroll. 

Will a video taped confession from Marks be enough to hold up in court? Especially if two of those witnessing it are being charged with murder themselves? You know Gil and Shawn are going to be fingered for Daryl's death.

A black guy and a white guy in a grey Dodge pickup isn't enough to charge them yet, though, and I really don't think Shawn was there if Gil was. He's far too into the whole thing and seems very innocent, even if he is besties with Gil. Gil is a ticking time bomb, though.

Gil went through a lot more than the others at Quitman because he was favored by Warden Carroll. Those parties must have make hell on earth seem like a cake walk, and now that the past has resurfaced, it doesn't seem like he can put a lid on it again.

I'm also wondering about Terry, who is in charge of the whole Carroll thugery operation. When Carroll mentioned Boots and Jackson to Terry, Terry has a wistful look on his face, almost as if he remembered them fondly. 

It wasn't a look I would have expected from someone who hated the boys, but someone who respected what they offered to their little clan. Boots, the "little white kid" and Jackson may have meant more to Terry than we know at this point, and that could be an ace up the sleeves of our trio.

If Terry remains as evil as he appears right now, they're in trouble. That scene with the air martial was scary as hell. I've often imagined myself being murdered (shut up), and the fear the actor captured as he tried to catch his breath in that giant bag felt so real. 

Terry at least killed him before he fully suffocated to death, but he did it with a smart ass remark, which sent long-hair into a fit of giggles. Was Terry kind of annoyed with long-hair? I couldn't tell, but for some reason, I want Terry to not be the evil jackass he seems like right now. I want him to turn on Warden Carroll.

We'll find out a little more of what Terry's up to soon, because he's sitting outside Jackson's house. Was he sent by Carroll or is he there of his own accord? 

Jackson found out about Gil and Jessie, but he's engaged, so it was cool. As cool as it can be when the two of them are still in love but staying apart because they buried a body in a rainy forest and nobody but them even knows they ever saw each other as adults.

That's a huge weight to carry around. I cannot wait to find out what all of this means. I love these characters, and even the evil ones have layers.

I know some of you watched on Tuesday and even rated it highly. Tell me what you're thinking. Where do you think this is going? Where have these guys been? What's likely to unfold? Did "Blood Brothers" hold up?

If you missed the excellent premiere, you can watch Game of Silence online to catch up. It's worth it!

Blood Brothers Review

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