Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Hurricane Gil

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This is like watching a train wreck.

A train wreck where we get to meet all the passengers before they board and then watch it fly off the rails.

At least that's how it feels after watching the events of Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2, because another wrong move and there's really no getting out of this mess for anyone.

Jackson Questions the Plan - Game of Silence

After watching Gil fall apart at the seams when he went to talk to Bobby, I'm not so sure he didn't do the same after a few drinks when he dropped Shawn off after sitting in front of Darryl's place the night he was killed.

Granted, the memories Bobby recovered for Gil were tragic, but whose to say whatever Gil was recalling the day Darryl was thrust back into their lives didn't have the same effect and Gil just wasn't ready to trust in his friends yet how easy it was for him to pull the trigger?

Shawn's caring nature was revealed when he chose to call Annie instead of finding relief of his own with some of the women he dated. 

His childhood was bolstered by his friendships with the others in a really unique way, because he was accepted when even his own parents never thought he would be. I loved the scene showing him knocking on doors in the neighborhood trying to find friends to play with when he moved. I did that!

Shawn's so certain that he knows Gil well enough to vouch for him because of that tight bond that grew as a result. He even covered up Bobby's murder. But does he really know his friend as well as he says he does?

It wasn't all that hard for Jessie to support Gil, either, because she's already supported one man through similar trauma. Even though she apparently didn't know the full story behind Quitman, she covered up whatever happened to that Quitman guard and her part in it for Jackson.

Honestly, these four people should be going down for murder, despite them being generally good people.

Dennis was right. Good people do terrible things. That doesn't mean they shouldn't pay for their mistakes. If it did, we might all feel that urge for vengeance. 

Dennis turned to God, even when his best friend stayed with a life of crime. It's surprising he still stands by Terry. Terry never left the life Dennis got out of, and was indirectly responsible for his own father's death. That would be hard to reconcile.

But the cash Terry delivers from his less-than-savory deals is like a salve on the wounds he continues to deliver. Is that justification enough for the fact Dennis knows he's doing wrong everyday, concurrently with his wishes to do well for the community he's trying to save? 

Similarly, Jackson is in the same boat. We can only assume (until told otherwise) Jackson has been on the straight and narrow since he's been an attorney. That he has counterbalanced the driving incident, whatever he did in Quitman and the deed with the guard with all good ever since.

He's damn good in the courtroom, and is the perfect person to represent juveniles, especially those who are at the end of their sentence like Troy, straddling a world where they may be forced to pay twice for the sins they committed merely because the system has no other place for them to go.

That boy is most likely indicative of what happens to all boys (and girls) in juvie. They have to make a choice to blend in and survive or suffer. I'm sure some manage to fly under the radar, but it can't be easy. 

Incorporating that story is really helpful to the story of the main characters, and I hope that despite the trouble Jackson finds himself in now they will continue as the series continues.

There's little doubt Jackson will feel defenseless now, as just moments after he called "out" again, he was sucked back in thanks to photos from Terry left with Marina showing not only was he under surveillance, but his very home had been infiltrated. 

They're all in trouble, now, and have to look out for each other. Gil knows the parties he used to go to were littered with government officials. Will they all know to keep their heads down, or will they continue to brew up trouble? Or will they even have a choice in the matter?

If nothing else, they could have used that taped confession and whatever they ultimately learn about Petey's disappearance in their defense trial. It's stacking up like they're going to need a lot of good evidence on their side!

Keep watching, keep reading, and let me know what you think of Game of Silence so far.

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Hurricane Gil Review

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Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jackson: He may look a little different, but he's still just a scared little kid.
Marina: Are you sure we're talking to the same guy?
Jackson: We need to humanize him. DA's gonna paint him as a monster, but that's not who he was when he went in. Juvie did that, Huntsville's gonna make him worse.

Jackson: Confession.
Shawn: Yeah.
Jackson: From a dead man. That makes it look like we coerced him into saying something. That ties us into his murder. Did you think about that?