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Shonda & Co. got political on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 20. The kid on kid shooting had everybody on edge, even if they did all express it differently. At least a few docs had other cases to occupy them, and bring a little levity into the day.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Kelly Thompson, and Elizabeth Harlow as they discuss the ethics of custody, babysitting horror stories, and if sexting can turn into true love. Share your answers in the comments!

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Have you ever been catfished (or been the catfisher)? How far is too far when you're trying to make yourself seem more attractive/interesting to a potential date?

Stacy: No to both. Honesty is the best way to go in situations like this. Lying about your looks or sending a fake photo is only going to wind up hurting you in the long run.

Kelly: No to both as well. Words is one thing because everyone exaggerates but when you use a completely different picture, come on.

Elizabeth: When the internet was a new shiny thing, free from the restrictions of Prodigy or AOL, I may have lied about my age, general appearance, and location in chat rooms. It felt like a safe way to try on different personas during adolescence. These days, I'm brutally honest online, although I do choose pictures with forgiving light.

Did you ever babysit in high school? What's the worst thing that happened to a kid while you were watching?

Stacy: Yeah, I babysat all the time. I still babysit for my nephews and for friends' kids sometimes. Thankfully, nothing bad has ever happened to a kid I was watching, but once my cousin locked me in the basement when I was babysitting her. Her friend put her up to it and they let me out pretty quickly, but that could have been bad.

Kelly: I never babysat and after this episode, I'm kind of glad I never did.

Elizabeth: I babysat constantly in high school, and nannied in college. The worst thing that ever happened on a job was a toddler locking his baby brother in the nursery – the parents neglected to mention his fascination with locks. I had to take the doorknob apart to get in to him! "Trigger Happy" made me retroactively paranoid that I'd sat in a home with a gun and hadn't been aware of it.

A bunch of the doctors reacted differently to the shooting. which did you like the most/think was the best done?

Stacy: I thought they all made good points. It's such a heated issue and everyone has an opinion, and I thought they were all valid. I did like that Alex mentioned that he'd been shot before. It's always nice to see Grey's remember continuity.

Kelly: I agree with Stacy, all points were valid. There really can't be a wrong side because everyone has a different experience in life. I loved that Jo brought up that she lived in her car so she felt like she needed protection. What I didn't like was everyone judging everyone else because of their opinions but this is Grey's so I shouldn't have been shocked up it.

Elizabeth: I was really impressed with Amelia's reaction to the shooting. There was no explicit mention of her own experiences, but that definitely played into it. I thought Owen had a pretty unique perspective from the other characters. Like Amelia, I was expecting him to be more pro-gun, but I liked his responses.

Stephanie broke her dry spell! Is this true love, a tragic romance, or just a set of training wheels?

Stacy: I really like Wilmer Valderama's character and I think they could make a cute couple. It's too early to talk true love, but who knows?

Kelly: I honestly don't know or care that much. With Jerrika Hinton leaving the show it makes me think that this could be true love and the catalyst for her leaving.

Elizabeth: I'd like to see Stephanie find some happiness outside of work, but I'm doubtful that this will last. My working theory for Jerrika leaving as a full time cast member is that she's the one that ends up taking the Preminger position. I don't see her being an Izzie and dropping everything to take care of Kyle.

Is Arizona over reacting or is Callie being overly officious?

Stacy: I am on Arizona's side on this one because I don't think Callie is really thinking about what is best for Sofia. Sofia literally just met Penny. How is this conversation going to go? "Sofia, you remember that lady we had ice cream with last week? How would you feel about leaving your school, friends, and other mommy to move 3,000 miles away and live with her?" That's a great way to get your kid to like your new girlfriend, who is still basically a complete stranger.

Kelly: Arizona is completely in the right here. Callie thinks she can just take Sofia across the country and Arizona will just be ok with that..? Arizona 100% should have gotten a lawyer and I can't wait for this to play out. Callie is being selfish and Arizona needs to stick up for herself.

Elizabeth: In this particular situation, I'm siding with Arizona. Callie's reasons for uprooting Sofia are rather thin. At the same time, lots of couples share custody while living in different cities. It's not ideal, but it does happen. Although Callie is the one being selfish now, under different circumstances, Arizona would be selfish to stop a move.

Miranda and Ben are butting heads about work again. Is there a fair resolution to this, or is one of them in the wrong?

Stacy: Ben should go be an anesthesiologist at another hospital, or volunteer at a free clinic or something. He's not helping his marriage right now.

Kelly: There is no way he should have gotten a job at the same hospital he was just suspended at. I'm all for him making money and having a career but it can't be at Grey/Sloane.

Elizabeth: Seriously, mandatory therapy for everyone in the surgical department! Miranda isn't listening to Ben express his needs. His idea of going back to SG is not very well thought out, but she could have suggested alternatives instead of just shooting him down.

Favorite quote or scene!

Stacy: I loved Amelia reassuring Peter that this wasn't his fault, and to keep telling himself that it was an accident. I also laughed at Meredith messing with Stephanie after she sent the text.

Kelly: I loved when Arizona gave her lawyer's card to Callie. This is the most interesting storyline on Grey's in quite some time and I couldn't be more excited about it.

Elizabeth: I thought the scene between Amelia and Peter was extremely touching, but I loved the hilarious opening scene in the bathroom, and then Maggie's breakdown with Meredith really resonated for me.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 20 Quotes

Stephanie: Kyle is in town and he wants to take me to dinner.
Penny: I don't understand your face.
Stephanie: Mm, no, no, I'm not going.
Jo: Why not? Free food with bonus hot guy?

Zola: Why did Aunt Maggie stop having S-E-X with DeLuca?
Meredith: [pause] Because he couldn't handle that she was his B-O-S-S. Do not ever date a man who can't handle your P-O-W-E-R.