Lucifer Season 1 Episode 11 Review: St. Lucifer

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On Lucifer Season 1 Episode 11, Lucifer took a knife to his hand to test his theory that Chloe is his Achilles heel. He could have just asked all of us instead, since that little tidbit of speculation has been blaring like a foghorn for several episodes now.

While this reveal isn't necessarily surprising, it certainly is intriguing, especially now that Dan is privy to Lucifer's vulnerability, so to speak.

And Maze and Amenadiel? Didn't see that one coming.

This certainly wasn't the best installment of the series so far. Things just didn't seem to mesh very well, and it moved at really slow pace.

While I know that Maze is looking for ways to become more human, like making friends, having sex with her boss's brother just seemed like it came out of left field.

Sure, I get that there will implications from that little rendezvous that will play a part in the bigger picture, but still. Maze crossed the line, and it just seems out of character. I'm surprised Lucifer still let her in his sight.

Though I'm not a fan of this new development in Maze and Amenadiel's relationship, I did like how the scene was played out. The two getting it on in the backseat of a car in an empty parking lot with Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" playing in the background was perfect.

And the explosion of Amendiel's wing against the back window was a great visual gag. I wonder if this was his first time? 

At least Lucifer didn't give in to his carnal desires even with a naked Chloe sleeping right next to him. His ability to keep it in his pants and not take advantage of his friend sent him all sorts of good feels. It was a big rush, and he wanted more.

Lucky for him that the case of the week involved the murder of a philanthropist, and it gave Lucifer all sorts of opportunity to do good. But the rush he was hoping to feel after every good act just didn't come.

As he learned later, only Chloe could give him that rush he desired. But, still, Lucifer did do some genuinely good things this hour, like funding Emmett's education.

All the other stuff was just a farce. Though I did thoroughly enjoy his lounge act with the high society ladies. It was hilarious. I also liked how Chloe tried to pull a Lucifer when she visited Will to ask about his desires. 

It was good to see Dan still alive. He's obviously a good guy if he's willing to risk his life to try to save someone who he hates so much. Though, he may only be doing it for Chloe's sake and maybe even Trixie's.

I wonder what exactly is going through his head after hearing everything Malcolm told him about Amenadiel bringing him back to life, and then seeing Lucifer basically rise from the dead. I'm sure he's got lots of questions.

Malcolm got the deal of a lifetime when he visited Lucifer to kill him. Lucifer seemed pretty surprised to see Malcolm standing there with a gun, but I think he was even more surprised when his Devil face failed to scare the guy.

It's not that unbelievable considering the guy spent a few weeks (or was it years) in Hell before being brought back to life.

Lucifer definitely showed some vulnerability when he gave away his coin. For a minute it seemed as though Lucifer might have thought Malcolm was going to turn down the deal, though that would have been unusual. Malcolm taking the coin really didn't sit well with Lucifer.

If the coin is how he gets back to Hell, what was the purpose of the wings, then? And what was the purpose of Maze's secret feather?

I'm looking forward to seeing how this storyline plays out, because out of everything that went on this hour, this certainly was the most intriguing of it all.

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St. Lucifer Review

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