Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Take Me Back to Hell

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Redemption, reclamation, and retribution.

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13 had it all and more! What a fabulous end to a fabulous season!

Okay, I admit. I wasn't a big fan of Lucifer in the beginning. I found Lucifer grating, Chloe clueless, and the cases of the week just plain boring and predictable. 

But things have changed. The mediocre procedural elements have become background music for the bigger picture. The relationships between characters, and how they all fit into Lucifer's quest to change people's perception of him have taken center stage.

It's become less about Lucifer calling in favors, and more about others trying to take the poor Devil's soul, so to speak.

Lucifer is not the bad guy. In fact, in "Take Me to Hell", he's the victim.

Lucifer is stuck in the same place he was at the end of Lucifer Season 1 Episode 12 with Chloe pointing a gun at him. There's a dead preacher man with a bullet hole in his head on the floor, and everyone seems to think the Devil did it.

Lucifer looks to the one person he thinks truly believes in him, but when she tells him it doesn't matter what she believes, he's had enough. She's crushed him. To him, going back to Hell is akin to suicide, and suicide certainly seems a better option than living in a world without the support of the woman he's become so attached to.

Throughout the season, Chloe has become more and more of an enigma. Why does she hold so much power over Lucifer? Why does she make Lucifer vulnerable? There's been plenty of speculation, but no definitive answers have yet to be revealed.

It's interesting that the season began with Lucifer saving her life and ended with him saving her life. I'm not sure I buy the speculation that his saving her life in Lucifer Season 1 Episode 1 is the reason she makes him vulnerable, though. There has to be something more.

Is it possible that she's mom? 

Lucifer making a deal with "dad" to save Chloe's life was especially poignant. I think he was as shocked as anyone that "dad" actually responded, but the idea that he was actually willing to do anything for that favor showed how truly important Chloe is to him.

And I especially liked how Lucifer was sensitive to the fact Trixie was there after all the drama ended. You could tell he wanted to talk to Chloe more in depth about things, but they were things that obviously weren't meant for a child's ears. 

The Devil is becoming less selfish, and that's a huge stepping stone.

The curious thing about Chloe is that she never really acknowledges or questions the weirdness that surrounds Lucifer. The only time she really did was in the pilot episode. But, so many things have happened since then, you'd think she'd start wondering if she's losing her sanity.

Did Lucifer really vanish into thin air? Was he really laying on the ground with blood spreading out around him from a gunshot wound? Sure, your eyes can play tricks on you, but on a regular basis?

Yes, there's much, much more to Chloe, and we're just going to have to wait until next season to find out, what, if anything, will be revealed.

Lucifer was giddy after being reunited with Chloe, but I was giddy about his scenes with Amenadiel.

When Amenadiel saved Lucifer from certain death at the hands of a trigger-happy cop, you knew there had to be more than him just lending his brother a helping hand.

Like Lucifer, Amenadiel has made quite a change.. Part of it is because of his own interactions in the human world, part of it is because of his relationship with Maze, but most it has to do with Lucifer himself.

Lucifer is a man looking in a mirror and seeing something completely different than what everyone else sees. It's taken a while, but Amenadiel finally gets it. And like any good brother (or angel for that matter), he wants to redeem himself for the wrongs he's done to his own flesh and blood.

While every single scene this hour was top notch, the best scenes were between Lucifer and Amenadiel. It was a lot of fun watching them bicker in Dr. Martin's office, but it was even more fun watching them engage in a not-so-fair fight with the drug dealer's goons. It was almost like watching a live-action video game, the way those two went at it.

Even though they may be uncomfortable at the thought of it, there is a strong bond between these brothers. They work well together, and they enjoy being around each other. It was clear as day when Lucifer put his hand on Amenadiel's shoulder at the end of the fight, and even more clear when Lucifer wasn't willing to leave Amenadiel alone after Malcolm stabbed him.

Lucky for them that Maze happened to show up and save the day. Who would have guessed that Lucifer's feather would be used for something as divine as saving an angel. Like Lucifer and all the characters on the show, her world has become more than just about herself, because it was certainly a selfless act for her to give up her feather to save someone else's life.

I loved her team-up with Chloe. Maze may be a demon, but she's so innocent. I really felt like Chloe was playing with her a bit when she told her she enjoyed shooting people. I get the feeling that Chloe knows exactly who all these players are, and she's just having fun pretending she doesn't know what's going on.

Dan also redeemed himself this hour. You have to give the guy credit for doing the right thing. He could have just let Lucifer take the rap for killing the preacher man after the gun was found, but he did the right thing. 

Chloe wasn't too happy about the Palmetto reveal, but at least that storyline is done with now. Besides, it was a way for Chloe to involve Dan in Lucifer's reclamation. It's going to be interesting to see how Dan's turning himself in plays out next season. I have a feeling Lucifer is going to be coming to Dan's rescue somehow.

One other point on the Dan subject is what Chloe said to him about Lucifer thinking she abandoned him. Is that something a friend would say or a mom? Think about it. 

While I'm sad to see Kevin Rankin go, I'm glad that Malcolm is finally dead. Rankin played crazy to the hilt and gave an outstanding performance from beginning to end.

I especially enjoyed Malcolm putting the gun to his head and fake pulling the trigger when Chloe was telling Trixie to hide. I don't know if that was scripted or not, but it really added to the insanity of the scene.

Malcolm got what he deserved. The man wasn't seeking redemption. And he didn't belong here anyway. Sure, it was all Amenadiel's doing, but Lucifer gave Malcolm a true second chance when he gave him the coin. Instead of changing his ways, he wasted it on revenge. Murder was a game to him, and he didn't learn his lesson.

Hopefully, Amenadiel will do a better job with his second chance. 

What did you think of "Take Me Back to Hell"? Hit the comments and share your thoughts about the finale, the season, and where or who you think "mom" is.

Can't believe it's over already? You can watch Lucifer online right here via TV Fanatic to tide you over until next season.

Take Me Back to Hell Review

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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Lucifer: I'll go willingly. Please, just take me back to hell.
Amenadiel: No.
Lucifer: You don't want to take me back to Hell? The one bloody thing you wanted this entire time? Did I punch you in your head too hard?

I thought you were different, but I was wrong. You're just like all the others.