Outlander Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Useful Occupations and Deceptions

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One couple needs to start having a lot more sex!

While we learned all kinds of fun things about sex toys and Claire's honey pot on Outlander Season 2 Episode 2, the stress of trying to change the future for Jamie and being a dutiful wife for Claire was bringing the couple down on Outlander Season 2 Episode 3.

Thankfully, it really was just tension between the two and nothing more. Yet.

Volunteering Her Time - Outlander

Jamie is ridiculously busy trying to change the future. As the hour started, he was just getting home in the morning only for a change of of clothes. 

He's literally working nonstop, not only on behalf of his cousin and his business, but to change the future and find the key to stopping the Jacobite rebellion. As a result, he's losing touch with his wife.

Claire, meanwhile, gets to go spend her days with her ladies. Whoop de do. She's bored out of her mind, first of all, and second, she's hiding a gigantic secret from the man she loves. Those two things do not sit well.

When she barged in on Murtagh and her ladies' maid Suzette gettin' it on, Claire got just a little bit pissy. But her friendship with Murtagh has progressed so much she was able to share with him what's on her mind. Now she's not the only one with a secret.

It didn't necessarily sit well with her that Murtagh thought she should keep lying, but at least she has backup now. Someone else who agreed with her that she had chosen the right course of action. Jamie would fly off the rails if he knew about Randall.

But poor Claire. No matter where she goes, there is more information poking her about that damn Randall. She finally realized where she knew the name Mary Hawkins from – she's a direct descendant on Frank's family tree! 

Thank goodness she realized that AFTER she listened to Mary stutter through her disgust at the thought of what Frenchmen do with their penises to unsuspecting women. How can Claire get that out of her mind now? Sweet Mary and...Black Jack Randall? God help her.

Since Claire realized she's bored as all get out, she made her way to Master Raymond's, and he suggested to her she should take her amazing knowledge of the medicinal to the charity hospital and help out.

Smart Dog - Outlander Season 2 Episode 3

Claire was accepted and proved herself to Mother Hildegarde in no time. Tasting a urine sample for diabetes will do that for a girl. Thankfully, they have the cute dog around to sniff out deep infections. Claire does manage to draw the line somewhere!

What wasn't great about this was Jamie's reaction to her new-found sense of place and meaning. He was angry she was volunteering her time instead of helping him, immediately concerned about the health of the baby she's carrying and wondered when he'd get to feel good and have meaning in his day.

The guy is friggin' exhausted. He's burning the candle on both ends and probably carved out some wax in the middle so he can burn it there, too. They're deeply in love and have no time for each other. He's being a baby. But it still hurt Claire.

Jamie stormed out and went to the brothel (Claire storming out to taste urine doesn't have the same ring to it, you know?), and while he was there, he came up with a cunning plan to help with his Jacobite problems. He needed one, because they were getting a little overwhelming.

It turned out Prince Charlie didn't need King Louis' money after all, which kind of put a dent into their first plan to crush the rebellion by way of funding it via the King. At least Jamie got to know Duverney. That certainly couldn't hurt things in the long run. But it didn't help as much, either.

Little Snake - Outlander Season 2 Episode 3

Jamie did spot young [insert name I didn't hear here], who he subsequently renamed Fergus (a good, manly name), pick pocketing the patrons at the brothel. Jamie determined that Fergus could pick the pockets of everyone carrying letters around Prince Charlie, they'd copy them and return them to discover their secrets.

Even Claire was impressed, although kind of hurt because Jamie had to be persuaded to tell her who Fergus was and his purpose in the first place. 

Those letters, though, did a lot to get Claire and Jamie back on the right path. By Claire being the unconventional woman he had come to love and taking a position at the hospital, she had met a woman who could help them translate musical notes to discover the very key for which they were searching.

Help When He Needs It - Outlander Season 2 Episode 3

It was brilliant how that all worked out, and quite fun for Mother Hildegarde to be a friend of Johann Sebastian Bach's, as well. 

Unfortunately, Jamie was chuffed to bits to learn what was in the letters. Sandringham had been playing both sides of the table all this time, betting on both the English and the Scots to win the rebellion. Certainly if Jamie just sits down with Sandringham, he can persuade him the rebellion is a terrible investment and it will all be over.

Of course, Claire was freaked out about that possibility because if Alexander was around, or really, even if Sandringham wanted to be a shit, Jamie would find out about Randall straight away and maybe even that Claire knew he was alive.

But my first thought was: would Sandringham really listen to Jamie about it being a bad investment? He hadn't been all that helpful with anything else Jamie in the past, why start now?

Shouldn't the news that Sandringham was the key to changing the future been reason not to celebrate? Either way, someone isn't celebrating. 

But did you notice? Claire is showing in her pregnancy. Now I see the difference between the one we saw when she went back through the stones on Outlander Season 2 Episode 1 and the current one. She was not showing with Frank. Uh oh. There's more trouble ahead.

Are you worried about Claire and Jamie's relationship? Will harm come to their baby because Claire is working at the hospital? How soon do you think Jamie will find out the news of Randall?

Let's hear from you! 

Useful Occupations and Deceptions Review

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