Quantico Round Table: Go Home, Ryan

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 17, Alex and Simon learn that The Voice needs Will for the next big attack. Then, The Voice decides that s/he also wants Simon. Oh, and did I mention that Shelby is somehow working with/for The Voice? It was a crazy hour.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols discuss Ryan's return to Quantico, The Voice's obsession with Alex's Quantico class, and more. Join the conversation by leaving your theories in a comment below.

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Should Caleb have made that deal with Shelby's parents or should Shelby have been allowed to decide for herself?

Kelly: Caleb is always making decisions for Shelby, but in this case, I'm with Caleb. The decision would have been too hard for Shelby to make on her own. Learning her parents were only after money would have broken her, so Caleb was really just trying to protect her.

Paul: I think he should have let Shelby decide for herself. This is something that she had to know about, and it's no wonder she's as treacherous as she is in the future.

Allison: I’m with Paul. Shelby should have been allowed to decide. These are her parents that she thought she lost years ago. Now, she’s going to have to slowly realize that her parents are ignoring her, which will be painful as well because Shelby’s going to think it was because of something she did.

Why does The Voice need Will and Simon?

Kelly: I assume something tech, but I truly have no idea.

Paul: Also have no idea!

Allison: Like Kelly said, I feel like it has to be for some kind of technology purpose. Well, maybe since Simon sort of planned the Grand Central bombing, The Voice also wants his expertise in that area, but who knows.

What did you think of Ryan's return to Quantico?

Kelly: Hated it. Ryan is really annoying in both timelines. If going back to Quantico is a step forward in his career, then I get it, but I don't see how it is. It does seem that he is just there to be near Alex.

Paul: Also hated it. I'm totally digging Alex and Drew, so Ryan can just let himself out.

Allison: I feel like if Ryan really proved why he was at Quantico, I would have been okay with his return. But as Kelly said, Ryan seemed to only be there for Alex and to cause unnecessary drama. I’m over it.

Why is The Voice so obsessed with Alex's Quantico class? S/He has only used or gone after trainees in that class. Do you think it means that The Voice is one of the NATs?

Kelly: I found myself asking this exact question. Why Alex? I don't think it's one of NATs, I think it's someone that has control over who gets in to Quantico and becomes a NAT, so Liam or someone else on the board.

Paul: It's obviously someone very high up at Quantico. It's a bit farfetched that everyone in this class has so many secrets.

Allison: I get that it’s more entertaining to only use characters that we are familiar with as pawns/conspirators, but I agree with Paul that it’s a bit much that this one class has these intense secrets that somehow The Voice is using. It would have been better to meet a couple random agents that The Voice is using just so it doesn’t seem like The Voice only cares about one class of trainees.

Do you think the twin program is something that the FBI should keep?

Kelly: Yes! They've proven that it works and no one will ever expect it. I'm a huge fan of Nimah and Raina and keeping the twin programs means more of them so yes, keep it!

Paul: Yeah, it's a great way to handle cases that require someone to be in two places.

Allison: I think it’s definitely a valuable resource to have. I wish we saw more of the board looking into the pros and cons of the program before cutting it just because Miranda created it.

Be sure to tune in Sunday night for Quantico Season 1 Episode 18.

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