Quantico Round Table: It's A Man's World

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 18, we finally ran into Caleb in the present day storyline, and he's not doing too well.

He's a heroin addict shoved into a locked room at his mother's house. Nothing says a mother's love like her buying heroin for her addicted son.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols debate Claire's parenting, Miranda going after Liam, and much, much more. Join in on the discussion by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.

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Did Iris do the right thing by calling in a tip to Sistemics, or was her plan doomed to get Will into trouble no matter what?

Paul: I think she was in the right. In her mind, she was probably thinking she was right.

Kelly: I agree with Paul; it was the right move. How was she supposed to know he was already there?

Allison: I can’t decide. I feel like she should have pushed more questions out of Caleb and/or Will and maybe even threatened to tell. She definitely thought she was protecting her friend, but she didn’t know enough to make that call.

Is anyone else starting to find Alex annoying? Her constant accusations of Ryan messing with Drew aren't making her look all that great.

Paul: I honestly don't pay much attention to the flashbacks. I find them dull.

Kelly: The relationship drama of Alex has always been a low spot for the show. Ryan antagonizes her just as much as she does him, and I'm completely over it.

Allison: I’m with Kelly. Alex’s relationship drama only harms her character. She can’t seem to think straight because of her relationship with Ryan or Drew. It needs to end. If the romance can’t be a benefit to the show, let’s just focus on the twenty million twists and mysteries.

Did Miranda go too far by having sex with and then recording Liam?

Paul: Yes! It was predictable, but it was hilarious to see play out on screen. She's probably sneakiest person on the show!

Kelly: I loved it. Her speech at the end of the episode paired perfect with this because a lot of times a woman's best weapon is her own sexuality. She completely used Liam, and he didn't see it coming at all because he was only focused on the sex. She didn't go too far at all; she used her assets to her advantage.

Allison: I feel like she went too far. There had to be a better way to either attempt to get her job back or ensure that Liam doesn’t take over. Maybe considering her speech at the end of the episode, Miranda knew from past experiences that it would take something drastic to get her concerns heard, but the plan did fail, so who knows.

Does Claire have good reasons for keeping Caleb locked away, or is Alex right and Claire's only protecting herself?

Paul: Claire's only protecting herself. Caleb should have been in rehab. There's no denying it.

Kelly: She's only focused on herself. This is the most ridiculous ever.

Allison: I understand the concern that the media attention would harm Caleb’s recovery, but Claire should have just gotten him into the most secure and secluded rehab facility to help prevent or minimize what Caleb would be exposed to during his recovery. Claire used that one concern to justify keeping him away for the benefit of her campaign.

What did you think of Miranda's speech to Alex about the FBI being a man's world?

Paul: It was a bit out there. I get where she's coming from, but it was a bit too much to say to someone still in training.

Kelly: Obviously, I loved it based on what I said above. This is a show with a woman lead, so you wouldn't think it needed to be said, but it still does. Miranda is right, she got suspended because of something that is just as bad as Liam sleeping with Alex, but he gets no punishment.

Allison: I definitely think Miranda made valid points in her speech. I agree with Paul that it was a bit much to say to Alex. Why not give this speech to all the female trainees? I’m sure Miranda could have quickly gathered them all together.

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Stop saying penetrating. It's a rescue mission, not a sex act.


Drew: Why do I feel like you are trying to out run me even on a treadmill?
Alex: I'm not trying to out run you, I'm trying to get away from you.