Supergirl Round Table: Bring on Season 2!

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Kara brought down Myriad and stopped Non and Indigo from killing all the humans on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20 bringing our first season to an end.

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, Kathleen Wiedel, Paul Dailly, and Stacy Glanzman discuss that cliffhanger, Kara's new role at CatCo, and our hopes for Supergirl Season 2! 

Join us!

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What do you think Kara's new role at CatCo will be? Are you sad she won't be Cat's assistant anymore?

Christine: As much as I know Kara deserves better, I am sad she won’t be Cat’s assistant any longer. I love the way the two interact and being her assistant allows for some fun with that. Will Kara now be pitching stories? I’m really curious to see where they’re taking her.

Jay: I hope they continue to interact in the way they did this season, it was so fun to watch. Honestly, I think Kara only got promoted because Cat knows she's Supergirl and knows that Kara needs space to balance her jobs. Cat needs an assistant that's always around and Kara needs a flexible schedule. I don't see her being anything other than a journalist.

Kathleen: I like your point about a flexible schedule, Jay! I'd be thrilled if Cat gave her this job because she's well aware that Kara's Supergirl. Cat's no fool, and she had Barry pegged in five seconds! It will be funny to see Kara try to find her replacement, I think.

Paul: I have no idea, but it seems like the powers that be are preparing for budget cuts and that's why they've took this route to have Cat appear sporadically.

Stacy: I hope you guys are right and Cat is doing this because she secretly knows Kara is Supergirl. She really does need a more flexible schedule, I don't think poor Winn can handle covering for her anymore.

What are Max and General Lane up to?

Christine: I can only assume that Max is somehow in bed with the military on some level but I have no idea what it means.

Jay: Who knows. They both have a vendetta against aliens, so nothing good.

Kathleen: If it blows up in their faces, I'll laugh. Why Kara didn't just stomp on that definitely-not-a-ZPM, I really don't know. Where's Rodney McKay when you need him? He'd have that thing licked in 38 minutes or less!

Paul: I have no idea, but I'm sure it has something to do with whatever Kara was so shocked at in the final moments of the episode.

Stacy: Nothing good, I'm sure. Just as it seemed both Max and General Lane have come around to the side of good, they end up acting suspiciously.

Do you think they're trying to create a love triangle between Max, Cat, and Alex? Do you want to see either of those relationships happen?

Christine: I don’t see it so much as a love triangle as just Max being a bit of a player. Max and Alex are more interesting to me right now. Can she make him more human and bring out his heart? I doubt it but it might be fun to see these two interact on that level for a while.

Jay: I don't think so. I always thought Cat and Max just had a history, which is why they act so flirtatious, but I don't see anything else there, like Max and Alex. But Alex should be with a better human being than Max Lord.

Kathleen: Oh, I sure hope they're not going for a love triangle. Either pairing has potential interest for a character like Max: Alex has a double major in science and kicking alien rear, Cat is a brilliant and powerful businesswoman. That said, I hope that the show doesn't get bogged down in romance plotlines.

Paul: I never really thought of it like that, but I much prefer Max and Alex together. No chemistry with Max and Cat.

Stacy: Alex deserves better than Max, but there is no denying the chemistry between them. I could see something potentially happening sometime in season 2.

Who (or what) is in the pod?

Christine: As I’m not into the comic books, I’m really clueless here but I can’t wait to find out.

Jay: If I had to guess, I'd say her mother or another relative. It's possible that maybe the pod was frozen on Fort Rozz, and throwing it into space somehow unleashed it.


Paul: How amazing would it be if it was Kara's mother? Her real one!

Stacy: I really have no idea either, but it did seem like Kara recognized whoever was in it. Her mom seems like a good guess.

What did you think of the finale? Favorite quote or scene?

Christine: You’re going to make me pick just one! I was thrilled that James kissed Kara near the end. I actually yelled out, “Just kiss the girl already!” I also loved Cat’s reaction to Kara’s touching goodbye in this Supergirl quote: Okay, so that was either my eulogy, or your dictated suicide note. Is there something you need to tell me? - Cat cracks me up.

Jay: "To family." These characters have grown so much, and I especially hope Eliza is more present in S2 as they search for Project Cadmus. But also Cat calling Kara by her real name. It's about time.

Kathleen: I loved Kara's farewell with J'onn; he's pretty much the only one who actually understood what was going on and why she was doing what she was doing. It was so very touching and emotional. As for the finale as a whole, it was a bit treacly (we'll save everyone with the power of HOPE!), but I think it worked overall (especially given the generally upbeat and, well, hopeful tenor of the show.

Paul: I thought the first half was horrible, but it kicked up the pace in the final half and it rounded off the season pretty well. My favorite scene was James giving Kara the photo and the song playing in the background with the lyric, "Superman's got nothing one me." It fit the scene perfectly. I wasn't a fan of the kissing though.

Stacy: I really enjoyed the finale, cheese and all, though I really think they could have come up with a better explanation to keep Superman out of it. My favorite scene was Alex and Kara's goodbye. Both actresses put so much emotion into their performances and I always find myself completely sucked into their scenes.

What are your hopes for season 2?

Christine: More of everything I already love, just evolved. Will Cat figure out that Kara is Supergirl? Will Alex and J'onn find Jeremiah and bring him home? And I definitely want to see some love between Kara and James! Bring on Season 2!

Jay: To have a season 2! These characters are so great and I love the dynamics and how laid back the show is. It's refreshing to see such a relaxed superhero show. This shows that you can have a great show, a great episode, a great season, without killing off a main character. Take that, Arrow.

Kathleen: I second that, Jay. Supergirl is definitely deserving of a Season 2. In addition to what you two have already mentioned, I definitely hope they give up and actually cast someone to play Superman, because the contortions they've been going through to avoid showing him are getting downright ludicrous. It's as if they're afraid that Supergirl isn't a strong enough character to keep him from taking over the show!

Paul: I hope the show tightens the storytelling to keep things more balanced. I feel like the show's quality was all over the place and we could be doing with less of some of the characters.

Stacy: I'm looking forward to the hunt for Project Cadmus. I really want to get some indication that Cat knows Kara is Supergirl, even if Kara isn't aware she knows yet. Really, I just want an official renewal already!

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Alex: Don't you have someplace better to be, like at Lord Tech? Helping your employees get through what just happened?
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I'm sorry if I kissed you when you weren't in control of yourself, because I am all about consent.