The Americans Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Clark's Place

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Is anybody else getting really worried for Martha?

While the Jennings worked very hard to make things with Pastor Tim and his wife work to their benefit, Martha's coworkers couldn't let their nagging feeling about her go on The Americans Season 4 Episode 5.

A Tough Decision - The Americans

"Clark's Place" picks up with Martha pretty much exactly where The Americans Season 4 Episode 4 left off. 

Martha hadn't yet seen Clark, and she was freaking out. Rightfully so. Of course, Clark wasn't having the time of his life dealing with Glanders, either, but he wasn't able to contact her, and the work excuse was kind of lame. 

It's been a while since we've seen Hans, but he's still as eager to work for the cause as ever. He spotted Aderholt on Martha's tail and with plenty of time to warn Philip away. It was utterly heartbreaking for Martha to get to Clark's place only to see their marriage photo gone and once again, no Clark.

But Philip was adamant that Martha not be put in harm's way. He's was certain her cover was blown even if he couldn't quite persuade Elizabeth and Gabriel to get on board.

If Elizabeth hadn't been equally as concerned with Philip making up with Stan and Henry as interested in a friendship with the older fellow, Philip's suspicions might not have been, to his mind anyway, confirmed.

Elizabeth's attempt to take Philip's mind off of Martha was an interesting way of her letting us know she's concerned about how he cares for Martha. She kind of dropped the ball on their marriage for a while, and she might just be figuring that out.

But that's also why I'm worried about Martha. Is it possible the feelings Philip developed for Martha won't benefit her in the long run? 

Either way, Elizabeth is having rockin' sex with her husband, and Martha is wide awake and sucking on a Valium, her husband nowhere in sight. Elizabeth is winning!

The other big development with Pastor Tim was a laugh. My favorite part was after it was all over and Philip and Elizabeth wondered if the guy they dropped off was really a priest and Elizabeth mumbled, "Idon'tknow," in that way you do when you not only have no idea, but really don't give a crap.

That whole production was really well put together for something off the cuff. I found it difficult not to spit out my food while watching. Surely the general population had more knowledge of the Soviet Union in the 80s than Elizabeth and Philip gave Pastor Tim and Alice credit, right?

But even after going through all of that, Paige didn't really want to befriend Pastor Tim again. She doesn't seem to like the guy anymore.

At least she's learned not to tell tales, because at the very worst, you'll be trapped with a friend you don't want or else they might die. 

And Paige is not dull enough to believe her parents don't hurt people. Elizabeth's big idea to stop sharing information with her since they probably shared too much too soon was a good one, but once that train leaves the station, it's hard to pull it back in.

That's something Paige was ready to admit to the man she no longer wants to call her friend. And it's probably the best lesson to learn from the whole debacle. 

Other notes:

  • Oleg was like the harbinger of death. He returned to America (of course) and shared the news of Nina's death with Arkady and Stan. At least with Stan he felt he had something in common in their loss.
  • Now that Nina is gone, are they going to do something to tie in the other Soviets with Elizabeth and Philip...or at least have more story between Oleg and Stan? They're dangling.
  • Every scene Elizabeth has with her Korean friend Young-Hee (found her name!) is absolutely delightful. I'm really wondering what the plans are for her character. 
  • What do you think is next for Martha? Are you worried for her? How about the developments with Pastor Tim? Drop me a comment!

Don't forget, you can watch The Americans online if you missed any of this season so far. 

Clark's Place Review

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Philip: You think that guy's really a priest?
Elizabeth [mumbling]: Idon'tknow.

Philip: We're not saying our government doesn't do bad things...I mean, do people get hurt? Probably...
Elizabeth: But not because of us...