The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Fish in the Dish

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Well, I don't know about any of you, but the Miller brothers have reunited much sooner than I was anticipating.

The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 13 saw Phil and Carol struggle with their inability to conceive, while Todd dealt with his increasingly frenzied juggling act between Gail and Melissa.

It wasn't the most scintillating episode, but it did have a few very funny moments – and, of course, that big Mike Miller return at the end!

Repopulating the Earth - The Last Man on Earth

We already knew that Carol was a little weird about sex, so at the very start of "Fish in the Dish" it was obvious that she was going to make masturbating (for purposes of a fertility test) weird as well.

After all of the drama with Phil 2's tragic death, Carol's desire to have a family was kicked into high gear again.

Plot-wise, it makes sense. The fact that Phil is apparently sterile is also an interesting turn that we all saw coming, since Carol had earlier mentioned to pregnant Erica that she and Phil had been actively trying to conceive for six months.

One of the best recurring gags on the show is Carol's artwork, equal parts comically grotesque and legitimately unsettling. Carol's art made a glorious return this week, when she decided to provide Phil with "material" to help get his engines revving for that drugstore male fertility test.

I made you a very special collection of highly erotic images of women. But unlike the misogynistic, male-centric trash you read, these women are sexy because they're highly intelligent, accomplished, and as far as we know, unmolested. I call it "female empornment."


As always, Carol is the best and Kristen Schaal is an absolute gem portraying her.

Phil and Carol's relationship is one of my favorite things on this show. It was on full display when Phil totally gave it his all using Carol's "female empornment" and "masturbatorium" decor instead of his trusty ol' porn magazines.

I expected at least a scene or two of Phil trying to covertly continue using the porn he already had that Carol despised but nope – he totally went all in with masturbating to accomplished, "sexy brain" ladies like Amelia Earhart, Margaret Thatcher, and Condoleezza Rice.


Thatcher, looks like it's you and me on this one. Don't look away from me, don't avert your eyes. Oh, smiling at me with those irresistible British teeth. I don't like dentistry either. Where'd you crash, Amelia? Where'd you crash? Don't ask questions, just tell me! Hi Janet, hi Janet. [crying] Gonna name it after all you guys if it's a girl. Condoleezza, help me! Help me! I can't do it! I have to! I can't do it! I have to! Ahh!!!


Will Forte manages to be funny using only his voice, which is a serious skill. In the earliest episodes of The Last Man on Earth, when Phil was alone a lot, the show relied on this ability a lot more.

Nowadays, Phil is around others more often than not but occasionally he has a few moments alone to bust out the ridiculousness and hilarity. This was one such moment.

Despite the fact that he masturbated like a real champ, trying to get at least one positive result on those dozens of fertility tests that Carol had snagged, everything came up negative, suggesting that (as expected) Phil is sterile.

Not wanting to disappoint Carol (and likely not wanting to admit to his infertility himself), Phil initially went old-Phil on us and straight up lied to Carol, showing her the positive result that Todd's sperm had generated on the test.

For a brief, terrifying second when Phil showed Carol the positive fertility test from Todd's sperm and then they had sex immediately after, I thought that Phil would somehow attempt to covertly use Todd's "sample" to impregnate Carol.

Character-wise, that would have been absolutely horrifying (and a bit much, even for the Phil or old), but the way the scene was cut seemed to suggest it. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Todd, meanwhile, was kept busy going back and forth between Gail and Melissa, trying to keep both sexually satisfied. Apparently, we caught him on a day when both Melissa and Gail were feeling particularly randy, because Todd had sex at least three times within a matter of hours.

Because Todd is Todd, a quintessential nice guy, they really did manage to frame it like he was getting almost nothing out of the whole sexcapade.

Todd looked so winded, stressed out, and uncomfortable through "Fish in a Dish" that you could almost forget he was being "forced" to continue sleeping with two very attractive women, both of whom he cared about. Almost.

The definite twist (perhaps even more of a twist than Mike Miller finding the gang on the beach) was Erica reciprocating Todd's kiss.

I mean, I guess it sort of makes sense, on some level. In Erica's mind, Todd is single, making him the only eligible man left on earth (as far as she knows). She also clearly thinks highly of him, given her heartfelt speech passing along Phil 2's last dying wish that Todd help raise the baby.

Todd is clearly a good guy, so I'm inclined to almost believe his impassioned speech about wanting everyone to feel happy and safe and loved.

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! You're a monster. What the hell is wrong with you? [spits] How much women's saliva do you need in your mouth, you freakin' monster?

Todd [to himself]

Of course, after he gave his "big love not Big Love" speech to the ladies, it didn't exactly appear that anyone was chomping at the bit to be part of Todd's "happy, safe and loved" harem of women. In all likelihood, Todd will be left totally solo after his brief reign of sexual prowess.

Whereas Todd has become more flawed over the past season (the bacon incident and now his sexual indiscretions), Phil has become a better person. His inability to maintain his fertility lie to Carol proved that. He lasted, at most, a handful of hours.

The breaking point for him was seeing that Carol was blaming herself for their fertility problems, assuming that she was the problem since Phil had lied and claimed to be fertile. Apparently, watching Carol stick too-large push pins into her damn face was too much for Phil to deal with.

We're left on multiple cliffhangers at the end of this installment. It certainly doesn't seem like Gail, Erica, or Melissa is into the idea of remaining with Todd, but we'll see how that goes.

We also don't know what Carol's reaction will be to Phil's lie and the fact that he's infertile, since she was distracted by the sight of Mike Miller running towards them on the beach. Welcome to the crew, Mike!

Other thoughts:

  • Not going to lie, my eyes welled up seeing Mike and Phil run towards one another. My heart was legitimately warmed. Right up until the kick to the balls.
  • How will the introduction of a new eligible man to the crew change the dynamic? I don't know for how many episodes Jason Sudeikis is contracted, or if he'll have enough time to spark up something with Gail, Erica, or Melissa.
  • Gail threw away Gordon-dummy! I'm inclined to want Gail and Todd to work things out. Melissa only seemed to start to really want Todd again after he rejected her.
  • Carol's repeated mispronunciation of "groin" as "gron" was a fantastic gag. Kristen Schaal's ability to deliver absurd lines totally deadpan is unmatched.

What did you think of "Fish in the Dish"? Be sure to watch The Last Man on Earth online here on TV Fanatic if you missed it!

Fish in the Dish Review

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The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Phil: Could you, uh, masturbate into this cup for me?
Todd: Absolutely.
Phil: You don't, uh, want to know what it's for?
Todd: No, if a friend needs semen, he gets semen!

Good lord, Hellraiser, what is that?

Gail [to Carol]