The Originals Season 3 Episode 18 Review: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

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Having just finished The Originals Season 3 Episode 18 the phrase "my heart is in my throat" is the one which comes immediately to mind because YOU GUYS!


Oh yes. Yes, he did. And what's worse is that one of my favorite characters is in danger either way!

Elijah Loves Jazz - The Originals

Lucien Castle BIT CAMI in some sort of retaliation for learning that Aurora will never love him.

It doesn't matter that he could've watched his little surveillance video and learned that Klaus doesn't really love Aurora and that whatever's between Klaus and his former flame is totally, completely one-sided.

He just...bit her. Because he could. Because he blames Klaus for the fact that Aurora doesn't love him. So now Cami's life is on the line since Klaus can't use his blood to heal her. 

And then there's the big question of what happens when an Original Upgrade gets killed. We have to assume it's possible somehow. Decapitation. Heart removal. Being sent through a wood chipper. Whatever.

So if Aurora dies and completes the transition to become an Original Upgrade and then she's killed somehow, does that mean Cami will die since Aurora is her sire?


I know that if Aurora died in her normal crazy vampire state, Cami would be fine, but what's the magic behind this spell and what does it do to sire lines? I need answers, ASAP!

I would also like to have a chat with these New Orleans ancestors, y'all, because WHAT IS UP WITH THEM?

How, in their dead-but-maybe-rational minds, did it make sense to create Super Vampires to kill some normal vampires when apparently they've had the power to force vampire hearts in and out of bodies all along? Couldn't they have just taken care of things themselves?

They clearly saved Lucien while Aurora was trying to magic his heart out of his chest, so why can't they just do that in reverse and kill anyone they want? I get that they're angry because the vampires have taken over the town, but at least the New Orleans witches are allowed to practice magic under Klaus' regime!

If there's anyone they should be mad at it's Marcel who prohibited all magic inside the Quarter when he was the King. Choose the right target, dead people! Come on!

Do we think there's the slightest chance that since Cami's family is the keeper of the Dark Objects the ancestors will do me a solid and find a way to save her? She didn't ask to become a vampire. Aurora tricked her! (AND THEY ARE TOTALLY OKAY WITH AURORA BEING AN UPGRADE! OMG!)

Can you all tell I'm hella worried for Cami? Just when there seems like there might be a chance for her to be honest with Klaus that she does have feelings for him and just when Hayley's using her speechifying to Klaus about Cami to totally blow past the fact that she still has feelings for Elijah. I MEAN.

You caught that, right?

Cami may tell you that staying away is best, and maybe it is, but it doesn’t stop how she feels.

Hayley [to Klaus]

No, Hayley. No, staying away does not actually make the feelings die. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a thing for a reason.

This Lucien/Aurora Original Upgrade thing is super weird and super confusing and also moderately entertaining in that "I have no idea how they get out of this" sort of way. I'm enjoying it. Even if I would've been fine never to see Aurora again. Oh well. One and a half thumbs up.

Those sneaky ancestors didn't stop with Lucien and Aurora, and this was the thing I didn't see coming.

Kol's life is tied to New Orleans, a city where he's literally being driven crazy by the ancestors who didn't want him to return to the living. 

I know there are those among us who don't care for Kol and Davina one way or another, and that's totally cool. But you have to admit there was something pretty fantastic about this perpetual bad boy deciding to do the right thing in his vampire form (that was easier for him as a witch for some reason) and then he can't even do the right thing because the ancestors are still screwing with him. 

It was pretty spectacular. 

Davina and Vincent just need to body jump him into a witch's body (of Davina's choosing) and then stash his body in a coffin next to Rebekah's until they can figure out their ancestor problem. 

Except neither of them can talk to the ancestors anymore. So. You know. 


Pesky witches. 

What did you think of "The Devil Comes Here And Sighs"? Isn't it a good idea for the ancestors to keep a place like the St. James Infirmary in operation? How will the Mikaelsons save Cami? Jump into the comment thread below! Don't forget you can watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic!

The Originals Season 3 Episode 19 airs Friday, April 22 at 9 p.m.

The Devil Comes Here and Sighs Review

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Hayley: The whole point in putting the deed to this place in Freya’s name was to make this place impenetrable and now you’re going to pick a fight with a guy who can kill you?
Elijah: Yes, well, when you put it that way it does sound a little reckless.

Kol: You must be growing tired of saving my ass.
Davina: Actually, I kind of like it.