Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 Review: The Last Ship

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Yes this season stalled, but we jumped right into battle in the midseason finale.

I can't say that Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 was one of my favorite finales, but it definitely had some terrific moments. Again, I haven't been able to shake the feeling the story was stretched out over too many episodes this year.

The first 10 installments were okay, but the real meat and potatoes is still to come.

While Gisla prayed, the first wave of the attack hit the Franks hard. What a difference hearing her kind words about Rollo and their unborn child from when the two first met.

Speaking of which, it was impressive how Bjorn led the effort. He is another character that has certainly come a long way this season. Yep, I am #TeamBjorn and very excited to see what's in store for him coming up.

Anyone else wonder how Floki found the time to build those wide ships while the Vikings traversed the forest? Honestly, I didn't think much of it, since I was mostly focused on Ragnar kicking Rollo's traitorous ass. However, in his current state I wasn't sure Ragnar could win this time around... and though he put up a fight, he lost in the end.

It was insane watching all those bodies drop like flies, when at its heart this battle was about two brothers settling a score. The Viking in Rollo emerged when his soldier demanded they retreat. Not so much. Rollo had his big Braveheart moment and rallied his troops successfully.

However, Ragnar knew exactly what Rollo would do. He is nothing if not predictable.

We will attack again and again until we reach and overcome their king or we die in the attempt.


Bjorn came pretty close with that arrow, eh? Just an inch closer and the battle would have been over before it really started. Though Michael Hirst has tweaked history here and there, Rollo's story is far from over. Knowing that, this entire battle was somewhat anticlimactic. Still, with Clive Standen taking the lead on NBC's Taken prequel series, you've got to wonder if he will only appear in Vikings Season 5 as a guest star.  

Either way, I think it's time to bid adieu to the Paris arc, so that move would be a welcome one. Can you believe the way Emperor Charles took out his lovers? He certainly proved more ruthless than I ever expected, which was a nice twist. Roland and Therese were wonderfully complex characters. Without them, Gisla remains the only Frankish character I have any interest in. Yeah, it's probably time to head back to Wessex and face off against Ecbert, Aelle and that inevitable pit of snakes.

I loved how Ragnar greeted Rollo, "Look at you. You look like a bitch." That was priceless, especially since it has been difficult getting used to Duke Rollo since his little makeover. I was shocked that Ragnar held his own, even in his drugged up state. How about Lagertha, who just lost a child on Vikings Season 4 Episode 9? She was kicking ass and taking names until that soldier stabbed her. I confess, that scene freaked me out. Odin you can have Rollo, Floki and ultimately Ragnar, but I am not ready to lose Lagertha.

While Ragnar's retreat was slightly disappointing, I'm all for it if Lagertha lived.

We don't know where Ragnar is. He left soon after his defeat in Paris. We haven't seen him in years.


The time jump did not surprise me. As a matter of fact, I had been predicting it. However, I will say, it threw me for a moment until we learned Magnus was now twelve years old. I did not expect Ragnar to simply vanish after his defeat in Paris, did you?

Bjorn's brothers were all grown up, and resentful of dear ol' dad. It was good to see that Ivar stuck up for their father, despite the fact he spent little time around him. Naturally, Bjorn's words struck a chord in the boys. "Despite all his failings, he's still the greatest man in the world to me," Bjorn told them. We know he needs them in order to return to England and get their revenge, so this was a crucial moment.

The conversation between Bjorn and Floki was important as well. Ragnar's eldest finally realized how much his father meant to the shipbuilder. I wasn't sure Floki could come back from murdering Athelstan, but Hirst managed to accomplish just that with his incredible writing. It was wonderful to hear that Floki and Helga would be accompanying Bjorn to the Mediterranean.

The midseason finale clearly set up Bjorn's future adventures, which I am now extremely excited to watch. However, Ragnar resurfacing in the final moments meant there's plenty of drama to come in the second half of the season.

"Who wants to be king?" was Ragnar's question/cliffhanger and I have no idea where the series goes from there. It never fails to amaze me where this show started, and the massive battles we've witnessed over the past four seasons. I had a feeling Ragnar's story was coming to an end, but it was also obvious that would not happen in this first batch of episodes. Vikings returns in the fall, and I have no doubt we're in for some serious heartbreak, guys. Are you ready for Ragnar to meet his end? See you back here in a few months.

What did you think of "The Last Ship"? Did the Ragnar/Rollo confrontation deliver or were you disappointed? How about that time jump, were you confused at all? Is Lagertha alive? There's plenty to discuss, so sound off in the comments below!

Remember you can watch Vikings online via TV Fanatic to catch up before the series returns in the fall.

The Last Ship Review

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

We don't know where Ragnar is. He left soon after his defeat in Paris. We haven't seen him in years.


We will attack again and again until we reach and overcome their king or we die in the attempt.