Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Of Whose Uneasy Route

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We got ourselves another great non-tattoo episode on Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21. And the ending, the freaking ending, was a shocker and caused goose bumps all over my arms.

Everything that Oscar has asked Jane to do from the simple task of switching a pen to the big task of installing a thumb drive all lead to setting up Mayfair for multiple murders. The evidence is pretty thick against her. The look that was on Jane's face showed you understood her role in all of this. How everyone else on the team missed her stunned face, we'll never know.

This all led back to everything I've been screaming for episodes. Why was Jane so easily working with Oscar? The excuse of Weller's life being threatened is no longer an explanation.

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There was always going to be a tipping point when it came to Jane working with Oscar but I never thought that the point would be Mayfair potentially going to prison. Jane has really made a mess of everything and there may be no turning back for her.

How is she going to explain this? She has to say something because Mayfair has been arrested for first degree murder. Jane isn't the type of person to sit back and let someone innocent go to prison.

She will confront Oscar but how will she explain this to Weller? Will she even confess this season?

There are a lot of questions left and this development could not be better for the show. I honestly had forgotten about the pen switch and the GPS tracker so to see them come back into play in such a major way shows how brilliant this show is.

The epic ending wasn't all that happened this week. The case of the week allowed for some great relationship drama for our FBI agents.

ADA Weitz is back and leading the investigation into Alex's death and as explained above, Mayfair is the prime suspect. Mayfair witnesses an interaction between Weitz and Zapata. Once the FBI goes into lockdown, Zapata and Mayfair are trapped together allowing Mayfair to ask Zapata about her relationship with the ADA.

Zapata eventually admitted that she is working with Weitz and he is looking into Zapata because everyone that gets close to Mayfair ends up dead. Mayfair is very hurt that Zapata doesn't trust her. They both have glossy eyes and a few tears escaped. The scene was truly heartbreaking.

Seeing how important the trust of her team is to Mayfair and watching Zapata realize that a mentor/idol/just someone she looks up to isn't as perfect as once believed was a phenomenally emotional scene. Both the women played their feelings perfectly.

I will say that after this emotionally charged scene where Mayfair ends by saying she can't trust Zapata either, it was bizarre she chose Zapata as her partner when hunting down the hackers. It would have made more sense if Mayfair picked Weller or Jane as her back-up.

The other relationship drama was between Sarah Weller and Reade who were stuck in an elevator during the lockdown. I love that Sarah called out Reade in trying to act normal with her. He broke her heart and you can't just casually talk about life with someone that did that.

I was hoping that these two would get back to together eventually but Sarah is moving to Portland so all hope is lost. Reade being with Sarah allowed for some great story and we only saw bits and pieces of their story. I hope the show will give Reade or even Zapata a love interest next season.

Weller and Jane continued their flirting and even made plans to finally get drinks together before Mayfair was arrested.

What this episodes proves about Blindspot is that the show is so much more than tattoos. The writers learned that lives of the agents and their relationships with each other is just as entertaining, if not more, than the Jane drama. We will more than likely see more episodes like this next season.

A rundown of few other developments and thoughts:

  • The prop department deserves a huge pat on the back for those giant walkie-talkies
  • The edits of Patterson explaining to Weller and Jane how to escape the room they were about to suffocate in was fantastic. Even with the small amount of scenes Patterson was in she was still the MVP
  • How ridiculous was it that with the team on a time crunch because the identities of undercover agents are being stolen Weller still found the time to tell Jane a story about her childhood?

Do you think this was the best episode of the season so far? How do think this season is going to end? Let me know you thoughts in the comments or on twitter.

With only one episode left, now is the time to catch up on anything you may have missed. You can watch Blindspot online here.

Of Whose Uneasy Route Review

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