Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23 Review: Why Await Life's End

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We've reached the finale, and Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23 didn't disappoint.

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 was such a roller coaster that you had to wonder where the finale would go. Well, I know I did because when you end a non-finale hour with a major character death, how does the next one get bigger?

Well, that was answered by Weller freaking arresting Jane!

That's right Blindspot Season 1 ended with Weller telling Jane (not Taylor) to get on her knees and put her hands on her head. Then he put handcuffs on her. You had to know that the Weller/Jane fallout would be huge, but I thought he would at least listen to her explanation.

What was great about this fallout was it had nothing to do with Mayfair's death or Jane's damage to the FBI. He was upset with her because she lied to him about remembering facts and memories of Taylor's life. But most importantly, she was the catalyst to him forgiving his father.

Weller's dad did kill Taylor and buried her body under a campsite they all used to frequent when Weller was younger. Weller was angry Jane made him trust his dad again, allowing his dad to be around Sawyer.

Weller being angry at Jane and the season ending on that note wasn't surprising in the least, but the fact that he has arrested her not due to any actual crimes she committed will be interesting to see play out next season.

Can he keep her arrested just for telling him lies, or will Jane confess to everything of which she was unknowingly a part?

The Weller/Jane drama was not the only plot to play out. Jane had drama all of her own, and that drama involved Oscar. She spent most of the hour trying to track down Oscar after he shot Mayfair.

She obviously couldn't go the FBI, so she used the only other person she knew in the city – Anna, the hacker from many, many moons ago.

Anna was able to help her track down a shipment that Oscar was expecting and where it would be delivered. And just like every time our favorite FBI agents entered a building, they never did a sweep, meaning Oscar was able to sneak up behind her.

Seriously, has this team ever heard of clearing a building before dropping their guard and not just assuming no one else is there?

Anyway, Oscar tied Jane to a chair and wanted to wipe her memory again. Luckily, Jane somehow knew how to escape any scenario where she was tied up. She took down Oscar down and killed him. During the fight, they knocked down a candle (or something), and the barn was engulfed in flames.

Jane spray painted "For Marcos" on a truck outside the burning barn. This seemed like a blatant sign to Shepherd, who we learned was in charge of Oscar's organization. But why?

Was this Jane's way of saying she was no longer going to help them? Or that she was going to tell the FBI the truth and help them take Shepherd down?

It looks like Shepherd needs to get Jane out of FBI custody before she tells all the organization's secrets. Could that be how Blindspot Season 2 starts?

Patterson, Zapata and Reade looked into Mayfair's disappearance and eventually found all her secrets on a USB key. What they discover on it will shape next season, as well. There are files on Orion and Daylight. What will the team do with this information? Did they commit actual crimes just to tell the FBI about it?

Let’s get back to committing numerous felonies.


I assume they will keep it hidden until they are able to gather more evidence which will ultimately have them working with Jane again.

A rundown of additional thoughts about the finale and the season:

  • Who the hell is Jane? Now that the Taylor plot is solved, will we ever learn who Jane is and where she came from?
  • I watch a lot of TV (as I'm sure you could have guessed), and Blindspot has had one of the best first seasons I've watched in some time.
  • Hopefully, this show will not suffer from the sophomore slump because I have very high hopes.
  • The stunt and fight scenes are so incredibly well done. I mean, Jane doing a front flip to break a chair apart? That was insane!
  • Is it bad that I eventually hope Zapata and Reade get together?!
  • Can there be more Patterson and more of her flirting with Dr. Borden?

That's it until next season. Do you have as many unanswered questions as me? Let me know your questions and thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

If you need more Blindspot and can't wait until it returns for Season 2, don't forget that you can watch Blindspot online here.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

So Taylor Shaw is dead. Who the hell are you?


When things happen in my life, your the first person I think about and you always have been. I guess, I just wanted to hear your voice to tell me everything is going to be okay. I’m really glad you’re back in my life Taylor.