Chicago PD Round Table: Will You Be Watching Chicago Justice?

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We got our first look at the new series Chicago Justice on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21. Will you be tuning in next season?

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss Burgess and Roman's chances of remaining partners, if we would have taken the deal, and what we think the next Chicago spinoff should be!

Join us!

Chicago PD 1-27-15

At any point did you think Burgess may have shot the wrong man?

Elizabeth: I probably shouldn't have, because it's so unusual for characters in #OneChicago to make mistakes that big, but yeah. As someone not trained as a first responder, I imagine that situation to be super chaotic and confusing.

Amy: I also wondered if Burgess shot the wrong man. Things were piling up against her, so there was definitely reasonable doubt.

Stacy: Logically, I knew Burgess had to have the right guy, because if she didn't, that would mean the end of her career, and I was pretty sure she wasn't leaving the show. Despite that, I still had uneasy feelings that she could be wrong.

Will Burgess and Roman be able to remain partners now that their relationship is out in the open?

Elizabeth: Ugh, can we please not talk about Burgess and Roman being in a relationship? It makes me want to gag. My wish is that they can't and the character quietly disappears.

Amy: I truly hope that they split up. Watching them together is like watching paint dry. I like that Ruzek was so concerned about Burgess, and he was visibly upset to learn that she was involved with Roman. I do not think their love story is over.

Stacy: They probably shouldn't be allowed to remain partners, but my guess is Platt will go to bat for them and keep them together. Of course, I'm also hoping this relationship is over ASAP.

Would you have taken the deal or rolled the dice with the jury?

Elizabeth: I personally have a problem charging juveniles as adults, even for this kind of thing, so yes, I would have accepted the deal. And I hope I'd be a good enough person to visit the kid and help him turn things around and prove that not all cops are racist bastards.

Amy: I would have taken the deal. This is one of the few times that I liked something Roman said, about letting the city get a good night's sleep. All in all, I think Michael Ellis was a good kid, and I agree with Elizabeth that with the right help he could get on the right path again.

Stacy: I also would have taken the deal to protect Burgess. If they came back with not guilty, she could have been charged. With the deal, he pleads guilty and everyone can move on.

Will you watch Chicago Justice next season?

Elizabeth: I'm not sold yet. If nothing else is on that night and my DVR is (miraculously) empty, I probably wouldn't change the channel.

Amy: I am not sure. I can barely keep up with all of the shows I watch now, but I might get sucked in despite that.

Stacy: I enjoyed this episode, but that's mostly because it was with PD. I don't find a straight up courtroom drama all that appealing, so I'll probably just tune into the crossovers.

If you could choose the next Chicago spin off, what would it be?

Elizabeth: I'd much rather watch something about the Chicago's schools or social services than another legal drama. Chicago Fire's story line with Gabby and little Louie would have been a good lead in for the latter.

Amy: I would not choose another Chicago spin off, but I do rather like Elizabeth's idea.

Stacy: Chicago Mob. We have enough shows about the good guys, how about one about the bad guys?

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Elizabeth: I appreciated the scenes with Atwater. Especially what he said to the prosecutor about his position on the case.

Amy: There wasn't really anything that special about this episode, but I did like seeing Ruzek offer his support to Burgess.

Stacy: I liked seeing everyone stand behind Burgess, but I also really liked seeing Ruzek offer his support. I think there's still hope for those two.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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