Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Sicut Cervus

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That cold open was not what I expected at all. Who was Celia? Other than the bringer of all evil. 

It's nice that there are still enough people left on earth on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 to provide the most shocking of scenes.

The bloody eyes were a good trick, and sad, to boot. When people can't trust in their faith, they'll lose all hope.

It was rough going getting to Abigail's place.

They had to make it through the dead, including alter boys. It was enough to throw anybody. 

Daniel's bravado disappeared. He couldn't plunge a knife through a boy's eye.

Similarly, Chris watched as the walkers were attacking Madison. Later, Alicia used it against him, sending their parents into hell over it. Honestly, I didn't understand where they were coming from.

Was it some sort of girls against the boys thing? Because freezing makes sense. Freezing, I can understand.

Did Madison and Alicia just conveniently forget they were only hours before accusing Chris of killing someone who wasn't sick? And, frankly, that's what I think, too.

But the bottom line is Chris is still a kid, a messed up kid who has had to grow up a lot in a very short time. Seeing his mother die really screwed him up. They all knew that. They have to be careful of Chris. Their lives probably are not safe in his hands.

That's not a reason to start turning against him, but to try to come together and pull him back from the abyss. Am I wrong?

Why is Nick, the former addict, the only one who has successfully tried to reach out to a troubled kid? Madison was a guidance counselor, wasn't she? Damn. Her students must be dead.

And I can't believe Alicia told on Chris. That's such a baby move. Lexa would never have done that on The 100. Just pointing that out. And you know the knife thing was something we do not expect. Just bad timing. Poor Chris.

It's kind of amazing how amazing how badass Strand was on his way to Thomas Abigail, but when he found him and realized he was dying after being bitten, he kind of fell apart.

That is true love.

Everything about Celia, though, freaked me out. She poisoned the church. Why didn't Abigail tell Strand? Strand had so much faith in Celia, but not only was she wicked, she was still cooking up poisoned wafers in the kitchen!

Was Abigail a freak, too? We didn't see her doing it, but was she giving him communion every day? It wouldn't surprise me. Frankly, it would have been more kind of her than to allow him to suffer and die as he did.

Strand decided to accompany Abigail on his trip to the afterlife. Of course, he doesn't know that means a trip to the basement, grabbing inside for scraps. Good God.

You can't watch someone else die, though, and expect to die after them. That almost never happens. I knew Strand wouldn't be able to go through with it. YOu can't leave the wafers laying around, though.

And what was the memory Nick was having from the church from Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 and the owl carved into the tree above the memorial Celia had going on there? 

What are the odds all of this would come together in Baja, starting from the beginning of the series?

I don't like that Nick is becoming close to Celia. The stupid beyotch thinks the walking dead are the next phase in our evolution. She's not going to be happy with what Strand did to Abigail. 

What did you think of all of this? Have your say in the comments. We're already at the midseason finale, you guys!

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Sicut Cervus Review

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