Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Hypotheticals

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Everybody but Meredith was busy thinking about the future on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 23. But not all of our favorite couples were able to break through the Grey cloud hanging over the hospital to see some happiness from themselves. 

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Kelly Thompson, and Elizabeth Harlow as they dish on love, marriage, and babies. Join the conversation and share your feedback in the comments section!

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Will Owen and Amelia actually get married? Do you think there will be any surprise guests?

Stacy: I really don't know. Owen seems to like rushing into things, and I'm not sure this spontaneous wedding is such a good idea. My guess is it doesn't happen, but I won't be surprised if it does. As for surprise guests, how awesome would it be if Cristina showed up? I know it won't happen, but it is about time for her to make a guest appearance.

Kelly: Yes, they will get married although again, Owen is rushing into marriage. I don't think there will be any surprise guest. If there were to be, it should be Amelia's sisters.

Elizabeth: I think they'll go through with it, despite Mer's sour attitude and Amelia's apparent hesitation. I'd love for Tyne Daly to show up, but I doubt it'll happen. What a waste of casting.

Mer and Riggs: romance in the making, or just some really hot hate sex?

Stacy: Right now I think its just hot hate sex. That could change down the line, but I don't think Meredith is ready to actually date yet.

Kelly: It will turn into romance. I thought Riggs was going to be Mer's next big relationship since he came on the show. It will be interesting to see how Maggie deals with this because she is obviously starting to like Riggs.

Elizabeth: I'm still betting on Megan showing up at some point, which makes me think that it will be hate sex on the surface, but being torn apart by an old flame could make somebody have a heartfelt realization.

Will Ben have to go to extreme measures to help April? How will the unexpected delivery impact his relationship with Miranda and April's relationship with Jackson?

Stacy: This question made me go watch the promo on YouTube because usually I ignore those. There wasn't a lot of information, but it does look like Ben will be involved. Hopefully everything works out okay.

Kelly: April and Jackson are going to get back together. Who else could stand being with April? I wouldn't think the birth of April's child or the fact that Ben helps would help Ben/Bailey's relationship, but maybe it will somehow.

Elizabeth: I'm hoping that things aren't dire enough that Ben has to do an emergency c-section, but that would fit in with the other "reckless" actions that Ben's taken, and I could see that helping Miranda to reconcile things with him. Jackson and April are totally getting back together, this will only bring them closer.

Why do you think Jo "can't" marry Alex?

Stacy: When I was watching that scene, I kept waiting for her to blurt out she was already married, but if that were the case I feel like she would have told him a long time ago. I'm not sure what it is.

Kelly: Well, I for one never thought Jo and Alex worked, but as for Jo's reasoning, I have no idea. Maybe she wants to be more settled into her career...

Elizabeth: Logically, I'm with Stacy. She's probably already married. Maybe he's in a coma, or jail, or is an addict. Maybe it was to help someone get a green card. The part of me that loves ridiculous soap opera plots is rooting for something outrageous, like hiding one of his snowflake babies with Izzie.

What was your favorite scene from "At Last"?

Stacy: I loved Riggs and his box of bacon. Even heart doctors can't resist it!

Kelly: Richard seeing all the complicated relationships and then seeing Kathryn and realizing how lucky/happy he is to be with her.

Elizabeth: I thought the scene where the grandma propositioned Alex for her grandmother was hilarious. And Stephanie broke my heart when Kyle died.

Elizabeth Harlow was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She left the organization in October 2018.

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