Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Chapter Forty-Three

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Jane and Petra battled it out over Rafael's future on Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 21.

It should come as no surprise, but Jane came out on top once more leading to a frank conversation with Petra about what their relationship truly is: a competition.

Meanwhile, Mateo's first birthday didn't go according to plan, and Anezka's true alliance was revealed. 

Mateo's Birthday - Jane the Virgin

Is it too much to ask for Jane and Petra to get along? I want so badly for these two women to stopping fighting. If they somehow got over how different they are, they would see what a great team they could make.

I love Jane, but sometimes she makes it really easy for me to side with Petra. When it comes to Petra, Jane acts superior. She always has.

Petra not wanting Rafael to talk to the police made sense. It was incredibly naive for Jane to think that being honest would somehow get Rafael out of trouble. 

I'm getting tired of you assuming that you're the better person.


Even though Petra's plan to expose Derek failed, I still couldn't help but feel bad for her. She is constantly overshadowed by Jane's inherent goodness that it's impossible for her to be seen as anything but second best in Rafael's eyes. 

Not only does Jane come out looking like the sane one, but Rafael still gets the glowing heart around her. I have no doubt Rafael was in love with Jane, but I think these leftover feelings are a result of missing out on the family unit.

Mateo's first birthday party didn't exactly go according to plan, and there's nothing worse than fearing for your child's health. Despite the setback, the whole family gathered at the hospital to celebrate.

We never remember our first birthday, so I don't think Mateo will be too disappointed when he's told how they all spent his first birthday. If anything, he has the weird photo-shopped album Rogelio made for him. 

Rafael: We got him through a whole year. Don't we deserve to celebrate that?
Jane: Yeah, we do.

I normally love a Rogelio subplot, but there was something lacking from his attempts to win over the crew. Even though he learned about the hard work they put into his show, Rogelio was still more concerned with Jane's wedding day. 

Rogelio's love for Jane is one of my favorite parts of his character, but that love can often times make him have blinders on. He should care about her, but he should also care about the well-being of the people working on his show.

Elsewhere in the episode, Michael teamed back up with Susanna which led to them discovering Mutter tied up inside the Fairwick. I'm glad we're making progress with the Derek/Mutter storyline, but it's just not been nearly as interesting as Sin Rostro.

Derek hasn't made much of an impression, and we've barley spent any time with Mutter. I'm only slightly curious to see where Derek is going with the money and who he was speaking with on the phone.

I'm much more invested in what Anezka and Magda have planned for Petra. They have been working together for a year, so I wonder if we'll get any back story on what they've been up to. 

I'm assuming Anezka has been perfecting her impression of Petra for a reason. I hope we don't have a case of Petra being taken somewhere with Anezka filling her shoes so no one knows she's missing. 

Extra Thoughts and Questions

  • Jane's advisor was right to tell her not to present her story to the publisher. Jane may only get one shot at showing her work to someone from Simon & Schuster, so it should be the best.
  • Rogelio's purple cargo shorts were perfect.
  • Will Jane and Michael's wedding go according to plan? This is a telenovela, so probably not.

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode? Do you think Jane was being too harsh with Petra? Where is Derek going? What are your predictions for Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on any missed episodes before the finale when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic!

Chapter Forty-Three Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Petra: I just didn't want you to be right all the time.
Jane: It's not a competition.
Petra: Sometimes it can feel like one.

Rafael: So my lawyer said they could go easy on me or they could want to make an example out of someone like me.
Narrator: Rich, entitled, son of a crime lord.