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I'm so done with the fake outs.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 21, we learn that, wait for it, Drew's not The Voice. He was yet another red herring. Talk about annoying. He was a sad attempt at shock value.

There's only so many times that fake outs can happen and still be entertaining. I think Quantico passed that number like five fake outs ago. Having the ground ripped out from under you has gotten more annoying than anything else.

Graduation Nears - Quantico

Honestly, Drew being The Voice made him interesting again.

With the whole Drew/Alex/Ryan saga, all three of them lost their appeal. Drew definitely had motive. I mean it's not like the FBI hadn't screwed him over a couple times. The chance to figure out what lead Drew to the point of terrorism could have been fascinating.

Liam being The Voice isn't super surprising or interesting. He's never been a "good" guy. There's always been a shady element about him. He's never been someone I would consider trustworthy. Let me put it this way: if I had to pick someone at the FBI to confide in, it wouldn't be him.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't sound so pessimistic. There's a chance that Liam being The Voice could be interesting. If we get the chance to go inside his twisted mind, it could be captivating. I would have preferred it was Miranda because it would have came out of nowhere. What do you think about Liam being the voice?

You know what else Liam being The Voice means? It means that I actually have to start paying attention to Omaha and Chicago and all the other past cases that haven't been entertaining for awhile. They clearly have something to do with Liam's doing. He told Miranda that he wanted to make things right. What else could he be referring to?

Simon commented that Alex driving around in the truck was all for show. It was a production, and they were all actors. The question is why?

The only person who seemed to benefit from all of this was Claire. She made this huge to do about suspending her campaign, so she could help the FBI catch a terrorist. Then, after it was all (seemingly) said and done, she went on TV to proclaim the victory. She even had Alex stand beside her, so that Claire could give her a shout out.

What better way to lock in your victory than by helping thwart a terrorist attack? 

I'm suspicious of Claire. She knows Liam. There's also this little saying about never trusting a politician. What do you think? Is Claire part of The Voice?

At Quantico we, sadly, had to revisit Omaha, which was the case that caused Alex's father to drink. I kind of forgot all about it, and so I wasn't thrilled to be revisiting it again.

The only, only, good thing about ever talking about Omaha and Chicago was Liam's speech to Shelby. You immediately know that Liam was talking from personal experience. It was a great speech that warned about the dangers of their line of work.

When we recruit sources, we pull them in with a sin. Something they'll do anything to keep buried, but when you cross the line, you recruit yourself. You start to do worse and worse things to keep it all buried. And over time, the bodies under the floorboard, they eat away at whatever's left of your conscience. Sometimes it's better to let the bad guys get away with it than it is to be the one who gets away with it.


Honestly, our time at Quantico wasn't all that great. Shelby and Alex went from bestest of buds and commenting on how they should never fight to fighting. Did anyone else experience whiplash? It was a bit much. This would have gone better if there wasn't that reminder of how close they are before turning them against each other again.

As far as Shelby's family drama, I still don't care. There was such a drive at the beginning to make sure that all the trainees had some deep dark secret. Sure, at first it was intriguing, but now, we're bogged down by all these side storylines that are no longer entertaining. It's like we have to wrap up all these mysteries because they were introduced, and for some reason, they can't just be quick things to solve.

The only good part about Quantico was Iris and Caleb. They've grown on me. Their friendship, if you can call it that, is so weird and unexpected. She calls him "the Dark Prince," you guys. I'm here for it.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Miranda died or will she live to fight another day? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in a comment below.

Remember you can watch Quantico online anytime via TV Fanatic. Be sure to tune in next Sunday night for season finale, Quantico Season 1 Episode 22, "Yes."

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Top of your class, your father would be proud.


I may not have graduated from Quantico, but I know what you're trying to do. First rule of a hostage negotiation? Establish a connection.