Supergirl: Renewed for Second Season, Moving to The CW

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Supergirl is joining her superhero friends!

The CW snatched up the DC Comics series to join its rightful place among the network of heroes when CBS made the decision to pass on a second season.

It has long been rumored that a move to the younger-skewing network might be made by Supergirl, but now it's official. 

Supergirl Season 2 will be happening at The CW!

Dr. Danvers - Supergirl

The CW will now be the home to four DC superhero series adaptations, including The Flash, Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. 

Looking strong on the list of possibilities for new series is Riverdale, also from Greg Berlanti, also a comicbook adaptation.

While they're not superheroes, I always thought Veronica and Betty were pretty super.

The CW pickup of Supergirl was contingent on the series become a little more cost efficient, and that was made possible first by arranging a move of series production from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

That move will place Supergirl in the same vicinity as all of the other superheroes, as well.

Originally, Calista Flockhart, who plays the ever-popular and fantastic Cat Grant on Supergirl, noted she would not make the move to Vancouver with the series should it relocate. She has since changed her mind. 

Thank goodness for that, because I don't think anybody can imagine Supergirl without Calista Flockhart.

With the network and location move, the question for us becomes: when will we get more crossovers?!

Supergirl and The Flash Team Up! - Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18

Supergirl and The Flash already had one crossover that established the world she live in is not on the same earth as ours. Will that become canon, or will that be modified now that all four shows share the same proximity.

Surely it was a network, expense and location issue keeping everyone at a safe distance and nothing else, so how will they arrange for Kara to make her way to Star City to check in on Felicity Smoak on Arrow

Because, who doesn't want to see a scene between those two girls?

This move is very exciting and opens up not only a new universe, but so many storytelling possibilities between the series.

Dare I say my own mother may soon be watching The Flash as well as Supergirl? That's a serious question, as the demographics for CBS are different, and it will be interesting to see who follows Supergirl to its new location and what kind of ratings impact a move of this caliber has on the other series, as well.

Hit the comments, guys. What are you hopes and dreams with the news Supergirl has hit our The CW, the network of superheroes?

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