The 100 Round Table: A Choice to Fight or Die

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Three separate missions to defeat ALIE all failed within moments of one another on The 100 Season 3 Episode 14.

Now, ALIE appears to be housed on some remnant of the old Ark – or perhaps a part of the space station we've never seen before. Does this mean that the AI is unstoppable? Or have Clarke and the others simply not hit upon the right plan yet?

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk, Allison Nichols, Kelly Thompson, and Meg Bonney as they chat about all of the amazing events that occurred in this week's round table discussion!

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Harper and Monty hooked up. What did you think about that development?

Meg: It felt sort of random, but I was still cool with it. Monty needs some love too. The only thing I worry about when people act different is that they might be chipped. Let's hope that's not the case with Harper.

Kelly: Very random, but I'm ok with it. I wish there would have been some lead up to this, but they basically have killed half of every couple on this show so a new one is needed.

Allison: I agree that it came out of nowhere, but it was still really cute. I'm worried that Harper or someone is chipped because how else would ALIE know that Sinclair is dead?

Yana: About a second before Harper kissed him, I was thinking how cute those two could be. It looks like they didn't waste time showing us the potential and then pushing it into happening. I liked the development, but I do hope we see more of these two in general because Harper scenes especially are still at an all-time low.

Were you surprised that Luna didn't take the second AI in the end, despite seeing what ALIE is capable of?

Meg: I was a little shocked that she didn't take it after all of that went down. Did they adequately explain that the flame is the only way to destroy ALIE? Maybe they need to try again.

Kelly: No, because the 100 team was the reason ALIE was able to get to the secret location. Meg is correct though, Clarke seemed to put no effort into explaining why Luna needs to take the flame. Clarke basically went "Look at what could happen!" instead of saying why Luna is so important to all of this.

Allison: I would have thought that after Luna's initial rejection of the flame that Clarke and everyone would go into detail about what has been going on out there. No one really explained the stakes. I do like that Luna stuck to her beliefs and didn't allow an enemy to force her to change her ways.

Yana: No. Luna is a person who follows her ideals until the end. I think the pain she felt with Derrick reminded her of what could happen if she became the Commander. The issue wasn't ALIE but the Sky People who brought her with them. If they aren't there, then ALIE isn't there trying to destroy everything to find them, which is what I think Luna saw too.

What do you think of Luna as a character?

Meg: I like her hippie Grounder vibe but at a certain point her avoiding the flame becomes selfish, and I think we have hit that point. I also dig her hair.

Kelly: She is great, and I hope this isn't the last time we see her. I loved that she gave some insight into what a conclave is supposed to be (since we were robbed of experiencing one), and she is one hell of a fighter.

Luna wants peace, and the 100 team brought chaos and violence to her world, so of course she wants them out. I just hope Clarke trying to force the flame in Luna didn't ruin their chances of bringing her on their side.

Allison: I loved her. She represents a different belief system. She's badass, and she won't let someone else force her to compromise her beliefs. I think that Clarke and everyone needed to hear that the way they were acting wasn't any better than "blood must have blood." Luna's a really interesting character.

Yana: I am in love with her. She is such a drastic change from the grounder leaders we've met so far. Her approach is different and very welcoming in my point of view. She didn't want to cause any more death so she walked away from it all instead of trying to rationalize it as if it's all for the greater good of the population.  And I think that's what everyone on the show usually says.

The deaths we see can be explained away by it being necessary for the rest of the people around them but not with Luna. She isn't looking for any death, and when ALIE appears with her destruction, it breaks Luna because this is everything she walked away from. This character was everything she was built up to be and more.

ALIE is apparently on the Ark! What the heck is going on, and how will they stop her now?

Meg: I have no idea and that scares me a little. If she is on the Ark, how can the flame get to her? Also, I thought the Ark came down. I'm confused. Is she on the Ark in Arkadia?

Kelly: I'm with Meg, I thought the Ark blew up or was split in half when all the stations attempted to come to Earth. Further explanation is needed immediately. But to answer the question, they still should be able to kill ALIE. She wouldn't be trying to still stop Luna from taking the flame if all was safe with her on the Ark. ALIE 2.0 can obviously still destroy ALIE but how is still undetermined.

Allison: She's on Polaris! Right? I need to re-watch The 100 Season 3 Episode 7 to be reminded of what exactly happened to Polaris, but I don't think it got blown to bits. I think it's still up there, and that's what ALIE has hacked into. She used the pod that Becca came down in to connect her to Polaris. As far as how we are going to stop her, I have absolutely no idea. Nada. None.

Yana: Don't ask me. I am still trying to catch up with this sci-fi stuff because The 100 makes it really hard. They give you a little bit but not enough to piece it all together so we are stuck just guessing. I do think that they will need someone from their group inside of the COL to actually defeat it or tear it down somehow. But there might also be some kind of technological way, which is where Raven and Monty come in?

There were three simultaneous missions going on to defeat ALIE – Murphy's at Polis, Raven's at Arkadia, and Clarke's on the oil rig. Which of the missions did you enjoy watching the most?

Meg: I liked Raven's hacker mission the most. She is such an asset to the team. What I liked most was her interaction with Monty. He put his emotions aside for the greater good, but Raven knew it was all her fault. She doesn't admit her faults often, so that was a sweet moment when she was apologizing to Monty.

Kelly: Raven's was the most entertaining, but Clarke's is going to be the most useful. Luna or another Nightblood is the key, so how that storyline wraps up will ultimately decide the fate of this season.

Allison: Ah, it's hard to choose. I enjoyed them all. I loved how even though Raven didn't know it, she was actually really helpful in making a move to take down ALIE. Raven forced ALIE out of Arkadia, so now she's only in one spot. They are all working towards one goal, and I'm enjoying watching how everyone approaches the problem.

Yana: We didn't see much of Clarke's which may have been why I really wanted to see more of it. That storyline was rushed which left some dialogue to be desired. For example, why couldn't Clarke explain to Luna what had happened to her people instead of forcing this on her?

She didn't try to have some kind of understanding conversation which could have at least made Luna more willing to help her. But I did enjoy how Raven tackled ALIE because if there's anyone who can make her scared, it's our favorite smart mechanic.

Who was the MVP of this episode?

Meg: ALIE. She has figured everything out and has only grown stronger. I have no idea how that can stop her now. Another thing I noticed was how she knew Sinclair was dead. I think ALIE has a chipped person in Clarke's squad. And I think it's Harper or (sob) Jasper.

It was strange that ALIE got to the oil rig and it was stranger that they seemed to know exactly who to go after. Clarke didn't seem to be announcing her plan for Luna to anyone so I think that Jasper may have taken the chip a while back.

Kelly: I want to say Monty because he had to destroy his mom once again but his indecision and taking forever to hit the kill code on his mom was the reason ALIE's migration was able to succeed (Murphy taking forever to hit the backpack was super annoying as well). So, I will say Indra. She killed two Grounders with her hands tied and picked up a gun!

Allison: I'm giving this to Shay. She was shot with an arrow, and she somehow managed to crawl all the way to the cargo container that held Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia. I can't even imagine the strength that must have took. Shay was a rockstar.

Yana: Luna. There is no doubt in my mind that she stole the show this week. Watching the pain she felt after killing Derrick actually made me cry.

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The 100 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I didn't flee the conclave because I was afraid I would lose. I fled because I knew I would win.


Luna: How many lives would be lost to pay for those I would save?
Clarke: Some causes are worth killing for.
Luna: Not to me.