The Blacklist Spin-Off Ordered to Series; Title Announced

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How would you feel about having two hours of The Blacklist every week next season?

That's kind of becoming a reality on NBC. 

A Dangerous Woman - The Blacklist

In a move that will surprise no one, they've only gone and ordered The Blacklist: Redemption to series!

I know what you're all saying. 

You're going to miss Ryan Eggold on the parent series. 

We don't blame you. 

You're going to get to see him on screen with Famke Janssen in this new series. 

That means way more scenes for Mr. Eggold, so there's that. 

The series will follow the recently widowed Tom as he partners with Scottie, the leader of a company called Grey Matters. 

Sounds like a cool name, right?

Grey Matters is the company that solves problems that not even the government touch. 

There's a huge secret that Scottie's hiding from Tom. 

She's his biological mother, but how will she react to the news that he already knows?

Sounds like it's going to be a high octane thriller with some soapy elements. 

How will it stack up to The Blacklist?

Details are sketchy on when the series will make it to the air. 

My best guess is that the show will bridge the gap between half seasons of The Blacklist. 

It's a good idea considering the scheduling for The Blacklist Season 3 has been less than stellar. 

Will you be tuning in come fall, midseason or wherever the series is penciled in to debut?

Meanwhile, you can watch The Blacklist online to get up to speed with all the latest drama.

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