The Flash Round Table: Expecto Patronum!

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There was a LOT going on during The Flash Season 2 Episode 20, including feelings being shared by Iris, Cisco reconnecting with his brother Dante, Henry dropping the Garrick name as one of the family and...


The Flash round table tackles all of these tactics and more. Join TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Jim Garner, Meg Bonney and Allison Nichols in conversation when you drop your comments below or in social media!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Cisco and Dante reconnecting over Rupture?

Jay: It was sweet, but a bizarre way to go about it. Since Dante’s Earth-2 doppelgänger is a meta, and so is Cisco’s, does that mean Earth-1 Dante is, too? This is all getting too confusing.

Jim: Actually Jay, I don't think that Dante's Earth-2 counterpart wasn't a meta. Wells said that he got his powers from the staff he was wielding. That being said, It was awesome to see Cisco and Dante reconnecting. I'm a big sap when it comes to family bonding, so watching Cisco bear hug his brother made me misty-eyed.

Meg: Oh, that was just adorable. I like that they show their relationship in such a real way. Sometimes siblings don't get along and it feels like such a real honest relationship. I liked that they used Earth 2 Dante to bring them together.

Allison: Dante brought some humor into the fold, and I liked seeing Cisco and Dante reconnect. I loved Dante's reactions to everything. I'm glad we revisited Cisco's family and the complicated relationship he has with them.

How did Iris do in explaining her feelings to Barry?

Jay. WESTALLEN. WEST ALLEN. WESTALLEN!! Okay, I’m done. I loved it, but I still feel as though it came from out of nowhere. I wish it would’ve been hinted at all season, rather than randomly being introduced when it’s convenient. I get that Iris suddenly feels that she and Barry are fated, the signs are there, but is that really a good enough reason to want to be with someone?

Jim: I think she did a good job of sharing her feelings. We've seen them growing over the season so I'm happy with her finally voicing them. But I'm raising the bar on Jay and going with BARIS as their shipping name.

Meg: I loved this moment. The emotion from Iris and the sweet shock from Barry. It was so adorable and I think they set it up pretty well. She may not have said anything just yet if they weren't in such a dire situation. And now that they have said it, he is sucked away. It's like when Fitz finally asked Simmons out on a date and she was sucked away to Maveth on Agents of SHIELD. I find it all adorable.

Allison: I'm with Jay. I feel like my issue with Westallen is that we just kinda know that they are going to be a thing, but we never really take the time to develop and explore those romantic feelings and their dynamic. Iris' confession definitely felt convenient. I did really enjoy it though.

What might it mean that Henry's mother's maiden name was Garrick?

Jay: That Barry is related to Jay Garrick, whoever that is. I suspect it’s the man under the mask in Zoom’s lair. How else to protect your cover than to kidnap the man whose name you’ve stolen?

Jim: Why do I suspect that the man under the mask is John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen on Earth-1), but is the real Jay Garrick in Earth-2. That some how on Earth-2 she never married Barry's grandfather or something..

Meg: I totally agree with Jim. It's Henry Allen under there. He is the real Jay!! It would be great. It would be a fun twist and hopefully mean we get more Henry going forward.

Allison: It definitely makes the whole Jay/Zoom thing more complicated. Barry will sort of be going after family. I'm excited to get more clarification on how everyone's related. I'm thinking that Henry's the one under the iron mask.

In a very Fringe-like moment, Barry attempted to become one with the speed force again and disappeared. React!

Jay: "What the hell just happened.” An actual quote from me after that scene. His skin peeled off as he disintegrated. Where did he go?

Jim: I think Jay has the right idea of sharing reactions at the time.. Mine went like this:

Me: "I can honestly say I did not see that result coming."
Wife: "Did Barry just blow up? Is he dead?"
Me: "I doubt it. OH, but did you see Wally and Jessica both got hit by the wave with part of Barry in it?! (dancing around the room chanting) "Team Flash, Team Flash, Team Flash!" – yes, I'm a huge comic nerd.

Meg: I was super pumped to see Wally and Jessie get hit, but I was shocked. They really shouldn't have shown Barry in the preview. I would have been way more panicked not knowing what happened to him!

Allison: Cisco referencing Fringe made me super happy, and now I want to go rewatch my beloved show. My mouth dropped. I was in shock that Barry disintegrated, and I'm going to need answers ASAP. Like Meg mentioned, my worry about Barry went away after seeing him in the preview.

Did Wally and Jesse just get a little speed force infusion in that blast? Explain.

Jay: Well, Wally West and Jessie Quick are both speedsters in the comics, so it makes sense. Of course something was going to go wrong with this particle accelerator explosion, they were all stupid to think they could actually contain it. I can’t really say I’m excited.. I’m tired of extra speedsters. Barry is enough, I’d like to see other kinds of metahumans join Team Flash.

Jim: Sorry Jay, I'm hoping so hard that both Jessie and Wally get the speed force from the accident that I can barely sit still (as illustrated by the happy dance I mentioned above). I love, love, love, the idea of their being a Team Flash so we can see Barry become the instructor and see what type of challenges new speedsters face. It would be a great throw back to The Flash Season 1.

Meg: I love this! I love the Flash but we need a change in the standard procedure. It's always Barry with the team helping. Let's see Team Flash in action!

Allison: I'm pretty sure they just became speedsters, which makes me really excited. This could really shake up the Team Flash dynamic and make things new and exciting. Give me all the training montages!

What else from the episode hit you like a blast from an exploding particle accelerator?

Jay: “Expecto Patronum!” All of the Harry Potter references killed me. I’ve never liked Cisco more than in this episode. Also, did Zoom tell Caitlin she could unlock her inner Killer Frost or was I imagining that? Please, please, let that happen.

Jim: I too loved all the Harry Potter references, Cisco showing "Expecto Patronum" had me in stitches. And I agree Jay, I soooo want to see Caitlin powers unlocked so we can see some "good vs evil" struggle happening. Would be a great way to expand an otherwise under-used character.

Meg: OMG, Cisco. He is just the best. The Harry Potter reference and the Back to the Future reference were great! I also LOVED the WestAllen stuff.

Allison: The Fringe and Harry Potter references were amazing. I loved them. Omg yes, let's see Caitlin unlock some powers! She was much more entertaining to watch as Killer Frost, so let's give our Caitlin something more to work with.

Make sure you tune in to The Flash Season 2 Episode 21, "The Runaway Dinosaur." You can watch a preview and look at photos below!

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