The Young and the Restless Recap: Can Jill Set Billy Straight?

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Jill is back in the hizzah!!!

Oh, who am I kidding? I have no idea what I just said, but it sure was great having Jill back to shake things up in town and get the dust off of some of the characters we love. Lauren, feel free to come out of hiding more often!!

On The Young and the Restless this week, Jill's arrival in town for the dedication of the wing on the hospital in the name of Katherine Chandler (and Hillary's mother?) was at once lovely and infuriating. Let's talk about it!

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Billy was all over the map this week He's head over heels in love with Phyllis, and despite her frantic efforts to prove to Jack how much she loves him (she does), she's still falling heavy for Billy.

Did you see the looks on Phyllis' face throughout the week as he said things to her like...

I'm starting to think I can't live without you.

Thank goodness Bethany arrived in town! Billy really needed somebody to take his mind off of Phyllis. I really think the longest road is going to lead to Billy and Phyllis. But until then, why can't he have some fun, or maybe prove me wrong? 

Of course, it wasn't all that great for Bethany. She seemed like a genuinely fun girl. The description of the character is as a "wild child," but while she was fun, she's also confident enough to walk out when Billy called her Brittany.


And can we talk about how ridiculously Jill reacted to seeing the changes to the home she willingly gave to her son?

I'm disappointed because you turned Katherine's home into a man cave.

Did Jill seriously think Billy was going to live in an old lady's house, keeping her portrait above the fireplace? And why can't Billy, a grown man, take home a grown woman for some sexy time to his own home?

Their conversation was ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as Jill turning tail and going to Jack and Phyllis to ask to intervene. 

Immediately, Jack starts talking about all the "stunts" Billy has pulled lately. Why are they stunts? Maybe he's not gambling because he's finally enjoying himself. He can breathe. He has a business he enjoys that he got legally and isn't tied to Victoria, who tends to constantly tell him he's doing everything wrong.

Billy's family wants to shove him with a woman who is clearly not interested in loving Billy, but instead finding problems with him. That's fun. Sure, they're meant to be together. So much so, she demanded the only way Jabot wasn't going under with her help was if they pushed him out and left him with nothing. 

So what does Jill do for the son she loves? She decides to make the Chandler Wing contingent upon making things good with Billy. Jill will pull her money for a good cause in Katherine's name if Jack and Phyllis don't save Billy.

From my perspective, Billy needs far less friends and family. They do him no favors. When they're around, he can't breathe.

Did any of you think Jill may have caught onto who Billy was talking about when she walked into the house when Jack and Phyllis were confronting him? I hope not. Give the guy a break already.

Why was Hillary's mother was going to be co-named on a wing of the hospital with Katherine Chandler? Whose idea was that? Other than Hillary's. I missed that somehow. 

The moments between Jill and Hillary were so much fun. But for a while there, they let Hillary get the upper hand a little too easily. If they're going to bring Jill into town to give a little verbal beatdown to the town witch, then let her control the conversation.

Not a single soul seems to be friends with Hillary at this point but Jack. Either they're leading up to a Hillary and Jack affair or a murder mystery with Hillary dead and buried. What are your thoughts? Is she even redeemable at this point?

Lucas and Summer are also getting into a lot of trouble. It's time for Victoria to hire an executive assistant. I would have thought that would be the only job Summer would be qualified to do at Newman Enterprises, but apparently when you can move in and out of the executive offices, you have access to the CEO's email, too.

I can't figure out Lucas' end game, but it's not doing Summer any favors. The story last year when Abby found her footing at Newman was done much better. Summer leaning on Lucas to find an in is a terrible idea. He's too much like her grampa. Summer has a thing for the bad guys, that's for sure.

When Victoria railed at Summer for what the two of them did, telling her how highly inappropriate it was, and tantamount to fraud, a chargeable offense, Summer's reaction was to defend Luca.

You have no right to speak about Luca like that! 

"You have no right" is one of the millennials FAVORITE phrases, if you haven't figured that out yet. How Summer could listen to everything Victoria said and come to the conclusion that she had no right to say it was mystifying.  

Why were Summer and Luca sitting at home waiting for an email to come in on Victoria's account, anyway? That's their next big hopeful coup, but I really hope Vic wins this one. As much as she can annoy me in her private life, it's time for her to score a massive victory at Newman. This failure is unwarranted. Vic for the Win!

A new look is no match for an old friend.

That's the smartest thing Summer has ever said. Thank goodness Kevin chose his friendship (and more?) with Mariah over a weird dinner with Natlie. It's about time.

Mariah is stuck in the middle of the Sharon, Dylan and Nick situation, and that's only going to get more difficult as time continues.

When she planted that kiss on Kevin, it was the real thing. It shook him, and it shook her. It had the heat the probably expected when they slept together, but they had so much pressure on that moment that it tanked.

I wish we could have watched them just chillin' because those can be some of the best moments between friends.

Drop me a comment about your thoughts on the Y&R shenanigans. Until next time!!

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