Arrow Season 5: There's a New Vigilante in Town

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Josh Segarra is coming off of a major recurring arc on Chicago PD.

While policemen are certainly heroic, that's nothing in comparison with his role on Arrow Season 5 as Adrian Chase aka Vigilante.

Chase will be the new Star City District Attorney and a major ally of Mayor Oliver Queen according to Deadline.

Adrian Chase Vigilante

According to the comics, Vigilante had a lot in common with Green Arrow, including a decision not to kill unless he absolute had to.

Until his less than lethal tactics allowed a policeman to die because of his vow not to drop into the kill zone.

It seems Oliver's not the only one who suffers wanting to do something and not being able to accomplish it because the nature of the job he has chosen simply requires a kill or be killed answer when saving the good guys.

This casting comes on the heels of raising Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt up to a series regular, as well.

They're obviously hoping to fill the void left by Katie Cassidy's departure. 

This particular casting almost speaks directly to that loss, given Adrian Chase is the DA.

What's interesting is when the powers that be said goodbye to Laurel Lance, they seemed to indicate that because they couldn't write a good courtroom story, they were going to steer clear from them for a while.

Unless this guy is going to forego his job for his Vigilante side for the time being, perhaps they have brought on a more seasons legal eagle for the courtroom scenes on the writing end of things.

Outside the fact that Adrian eventually succumbed to depression and had to quit the business, leaving the Vigilante mantle for others to pick up, we know he has a brother, Dorian. 

Dorian at one time wore the Vigilante suit and tried out the life for himself.

Whether or not he'll be introduced on the show? Who knows.

It's too bad there won't be another female introduced on the show as a replacement for the incredibly iconic and sadly mishandled Black Canary. 

Then again, given that there was no other way to write for her than as just another love interest, perhaps it's for the best. 

Are you pleased with this casting and bringing in Adrian Chase aka Vigilante? Who else might you like to see join Arrow?

Don't forget, you can watch Arrow online to catch up this summer.

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