Fox Sets Fall Premiere Dates: Mark Your Calendars!

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Fox is the second network to announce its fall schedule, and that's a good thing, because its new shows are pretty darn good.

The extremely well done and engaging Lethal Weapon will lead into Empire on Wednesdays, while the highly anticipated Pitch will follow Rosewood on Thursdays.

The Exorcist, starring Geena Davis, will follow Hell's Kitchen on Fridays. See what they did there? With Lucifer remaining on Mondays, that's a lot of hell to go around!

Lethal Weapon Fox

Finally, Son of Zorn, which looks excellent for a partially animated addition to the lineup, will fall in on Sundays, right in the middle of their already successful series of programming.

What I like about that is the way it's sandwiched is farthest back on both ends are live action comedies, and up close before and after are The Simpsons and Family Guy. Right in the middle is a live action comedy with an animated lead. Perfection.

Monday, Sept. 19

8:00-9:00 PM GOTHAM (Season Three Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM LUCIFER (Season Two Premiere)

Tuesday, Sept. 20

8:00-8:30 PM BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (Season Four Premiere)
8:30-9:00 PM NEW GIRL (Season Six Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM SCREAM QUEENS (Season Two Premiere)

Wednesday, Sept. 21

8:00-9:00 PM LETHAL WEAPON (Series Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM EMPIRE (Season Three Premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 22

8:00-9:00 PM ROSEWOOD (Season Two Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM PITCH (Series Premiere)

Friday, Sept. 23

8:00-9:00 PM HELL’S KITCHEN (Season 16 Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM THE EXORCIST (Series Premiere)

Sunday, Sept. 25

7:30-8:00 PM BOB’S BURGERS (Season Seven Premiere)
8:00-8:30 PM THE SIMPSONS (Season 28 Premiere)
8:30-9:00 PM SON OF ZORN (Series Premiere)
9:00-9:30 PM FAMILY GUY (Season 14 Premiere)
9:30-10:00 PM THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (Season Three Premiere)

Plan on tuning into all of the new Fox programming, because they made some excellent choices this season. Odds are you will like at least two of what they have to offer, if not every new series on the docket. A job really well done.

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