Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Who's In?!?

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The latest hero to hop aboard the Waverider for DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 is Nick Zano as Nick Heywood.

Nate Heywood is the grandson of Henry Heywood, Commander Steel. 

Although The CW isn't confirming Nate's super role as Citizen Steel, Commander Steel's grandson did have a heroic thing going himself in the comics.

Citizen Steel

Zano was last seen in Fox's Minority Report as one of the telepathic twins. Let's hope his run on Legends will be a lot longer.

According to the comics (and there's no reason not to assume Heywood won't follow the comic path), Heywood comes from a line of Steels. 

Not only is his grandfather Commander Steel, but his cousin, Henry Heywood III was known as Steel. 

The story is that while attending a family reunion, Heywood's family was attacked by a group put together by Vandal Savage in the hope to wipe out the Steel line and destroy the Justice Society of America.

Their intent was to wipe out the family line. Some children survived, but the group that attacked them was spitting molten steel, resulting in Heywood having some superhuman strength and skin that turns into living steel.

He decides to carry on his family's legacy and calls himself Citizen Steel.

Heywood also joins the Justice Society of America. Remember, we already met one of the members when Patrick J. Adams appeared on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 16 as Hourman.

Zano and Nate Heywood will be a welcome addition with two losses as Season 1 drew to a close.

Hawkgirl decided to live a normal life with her soulmate, Hawkman, and the two flew off.

Leonard Snart lost his life (thankfully in the void) and will remain as a recurring character on both Legends and The Flash.

We've already received the news Vixen will be a series regular, but her story is not as expected.

She'll be a new version of the character not related to the one that we met previously on Arrow.

Are you looking forward to getting to know Nate Heywood and Citizen Steel?

What about more of the Justice Society of America?

Remember, you can watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online via TV Fanatic to catch up!

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