Game of Thrones Round Table: How Long Will Cersei Reign?

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Was that the best season finale ever?

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 really had it all. There were great character moments, a new person sitting on the iron throne and a whole lot of murder!

TV Fanatics Meg Bonney, Jim Garner and Caralynn Lippo discuss he deaths, Cersei's move and what's to come.

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Which death upset you the most?

Meg: I was actually really upset about Margaery Tyrell! She was such a great character and was just doing what she thought she had to do to survive. And really, the only reason she stayed in the city was to save her brother, otherwise I think she would have left with her Grams. I wanted a bigger face off between Magaery and Cersei but that's not on the cards anymore. 

Jim: I felt bad for all three Tyrells. They got sucked into the death-storm that is the Lannister family. I thought Margaery and her brother might make it out at first, but sadly, it wasn't meant to be.    

Caralynn: I was upset that Margaery had no greater scheme up her sleeve and that she underestimated Cersei's wrath. I honestly thought that Margaery was up to something more when it came to the High Sparrow, but it seems like she was just doing whatever it took to get Loras out of there. I was upset about Loras as well, because he was innocent in this whole kerfuffle and just got caught in the crossfire. I also feel bad about Tommen. While he wasn't one of the most interesting characters, he was essentially just a kid who was in way over his head and suffered greatly for his parents' issues.

Are you glad that Cersei took the throne?

Meg: On one hand, HELL NO! She is nuts! But on the other, this leaves her super vulnerable to everyone now. She isn't just Mommy of the King, sitting in the Red Keep drinking Pinot anymore. Now she is exposed and everyone who thinks they have a right to the throne will be going after her. 

Jim: Glad is not the word I would have chosen. But that aside, taking the throne is the easy part. KEEPING the throne is where she's going to have problems. As Meg mentioned, now everyone will be coming for her, and if I'm not mistaken, there is a huge fleet of ships and three dragons heading straight for King's Landing.  

Caralynn: She's not going to be a very good ruler -- not that she'll last very long up there once Daenerys arrives in King's Landing. But I have to say Cersei taking the throne was very badass and an unexpected moment.

Were you annoyed that they only showed us Dorne in two episodes this season? Meg: Based on what I saw last year, no. I was really exicited to see the Sand Snakes kick ass but they were used as nude scenes and really nothing more. Hopefully, next season will have them in Kings Landing, by Dany's side as she takes out Cersei. 

Jim: Agreed Meg, they were badly used last season, and having them in the beginning and end made them feel more powerful. It will be interesting to see how Dorne comes into play going forward.  

Caralynn: Make it three -- I didn't care about Dorne last season or at the beginning of this season. Now that they appear to be in on a Daenerys alliance and working on brokering a Tyrell alliance thanks to Varys (who is apparently assembling everyone who hates the Lannisters to join Dany's side), it could get interesting.

What are the chances of Arya bumping in Melisandre?

Meg: Good. If memory serves, I think she is on the list, right? Wouldn't it be cool if Arya learned how to be a red lady (or whatever they are called) and then Melisandre takes off her necklace and gives it to her? She said she has been ready to die for some time. That would be a cool twist. 

Jim: Wow, those are some great ideas Meg, I hope the writers on GOT have been reading our round tables! But, I don't think Melisandre is on her list, she's never been around to to my memory. She served Tywin Lanister for a bit, but I don't remember her ever around Stannis.  

Caralynn: Oooh, I like Meg's idea! Though I want to see Arya get home and reunite with her family asap. I would also like it if Arya and Brienna ran into each other.

How do you feel about the King of the North and Lady Morment's speech about him? Meg: I loved that scene so much! But at the same time, the reasons she used to propel him to that status are now debunked. He isn't Ned's kid. He is his nephew. It leaves us to wonder if that will change everyone's thoughts on him. He is a Targayen and a Stark. The North won't love that. 

Jim: First, Lady Mormonte speech was freaking amazing! Second, I disagree with Meg on the other part. The north knows he's only part Stark, and that part doesn't change. Being half Targaryen after Daenerys takes King's Landing will only make his position stronger as her cousin.  

Caralynn: I think there will definitely be friction between Sansa and Jon, especially now that Littlefinger has planted the seed of doubt in her head. I don't expect that Jon's true parentage will be revealed for quite a while. Right now, Bran is the only person who for sure knows and I don't see him getting to Winterfell all that easily. Lady Mormont's speech was awesome, as usual. I love that little girl.

Daenerys is FINALLY heading to Westeros. React!

Meg: I will belive it when she is actually in Kings Landing. She better not stop off to liberate more villages, because seriously. 

Jim: Seriously Meg, that woman seems to have no sense of urgency about how an invasion is suppose to work! (LOL). In reality, I'm glad she has Theon and his sister on her side, and next season will be interesting as long as she doesn't take all season to get to King's Landing!  

Caralynn: Freakin' finally!!!! Exactly what Meg said. Dany has needed to head for Westeros for a while now. She better not encounter any more stupid obstacles that drag this plot out even more along the way. Personally, I think that Season 7 will be all about Dany taking back the throne and she'll have accomplished that by the end and then Season 8 will be humans vs. White Walkers (a.k.a, the real battle).

Grade Game of Thrones Season 6.

Meg: I will 100% admit that I was ready to stop watching last season. It had become so depressing and sad and just kept getting more and more of a downer. But THIS season was amazing. There were so many victories for the characters (and the fans) and even though they killed a ton of people, we finally got to see the good guys win a bit. I would give it a solid A. It made me love the show again. 

Jim: I will also be giving this season a A rating. As Meg mentioned we got to see a few character wins, but more importantly the fans won in a lot of ways. Jon Snow came back from the dead, we got confirmation of who Jon's parents are and we got to see a few horrible people get what was coming to them (I'm looking at you Ramsey and Walter Frey). I personally can not wait till next season!  

Caralynn: I'd give it an A-. It wasn't perfect but it was damn good. And a huge improvement over last year's depressing, dragging, uninteresting one. It also settled some plot lines, gave us actual, significant developments, and you can definitely tell that the pieces are falling into place for the end.

What did you think about the crazy finale? Hit the comments!

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