John Barrowman Signs Deal to Officially Take Over The CW

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You know how much we love John Barrowman, right?

Wouldn't it be awesome if his character, Malcolm Merlyn, was wreaking havoc across the DC universe on The CW?

Well, that's exactly what Greg Berlanti and The CW thought, too, when they agreed Barrowman as Merlyn should ruffle feathers across place and time on all the DC shows airing on the network as a series regular.

Get Out - Arrow Season 4 Episode 18

TVLine first reported the news, and there aren't many details.

While they noted that Barrowman, like Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold) before him would appear across all Berlanti executive produced series, including Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, there was no mention of new acquisition Supergirl.

That, despite the series moving to The CW and being executive produced by Berlanti.

It would be fun to see some different sides to Malcolm Merlyn by way of Legends of Tomorrow, that's for sure.

We've heard a lot about how he was when Oliver Queen was a young man, and Malcolm wasn't such a bad dude.

Letting Barrowman spread his wings, playing Malcolm as his younger self would be a real treat and give the man we love to hate some more layers.

Of course, it's always fun having Malcolm Merlyn on screen. As much as we say his character has been played out, his quips never stop.

New material is at the heart of this deal, and if he can bring to the other shows a bit of the magic that has been shining through the less-than popular material on Arrow, it should be a brilliant move.

Whether or not he appears on Supergirl will no doubt depend upon whether Kara Zor El's world is pulled out of the multi-verse and into our universe.

That's something that has been questioned as a result of the show's move to The CW. 

With a four-part crossover promised, we're hoping Supergirl is soon part of what we had once called the Arrowverse. 

Maybe a mini crossover with Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Cold could be a way to bring the world closer to ours. 

I guess we'll not know until more information is poured out, but it's oh, so much fun to speculate, isn't it?

What would your favorite idea be for Malcolm's first off-Arrow story be? Would you want to see him out of time on Legends or meeting metas on The Flash?

What other characters would benefit from this across DC universe series regular deal? Someone who isn't utilized enough or who has been lacking in storyline (too little too late for Black Canary!). Hit the comments!

If you want to watch Arrow online to learn more about Malcolm Merlyn, do it now!

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