Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Los Muertos

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Strand could definitely use some piano lessons.

On Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9, Nick explored more of the community and we finally met back up with Strand, Madison, Alycia and Ofelia.

Unsurprisingly, after the closing moments of Fear the Walking Dead. Season 2 Episode 9, we're left with a few more questions than answers.

However, we were given some insight into Luciana, the community and the goings on behind the scenes.

During the first few minutes of the hour, I thought it was a tad suspicious that there wasn't a soul in site when Nick was exploring the community.

Especially since everyone was out and about at the end of Fear the Walking Dead Seaon 2 Episode 8, and Nick found solace after his numerous brushes with death.

When the first person we saw was the little girl weeping, I knew something wasn't right. Then we found where everyone was. All huddled together in some twisted town meeting where it was revealed that the girl's father had been bitten and subsequently ousted by the community.

Don't look, don't look...


One would think sending the man off to turn on his own or even a mercy killing would be sufficient, however these people believe that sending an infected person off to be devoured by the dead, will continue to protect their people. Absurd? Yes, but I suppose everyone needs to believe in something to keep them going.

Later when Luciana asked Nick to go a shopping spree with her, I enjoyed watching her pin that infected to the wall and bathe in its blood. Did she learn that from watching Nick in the desert, or are there others already aware of this method for blending in with the dead?

It was also revealed that the good doctor Alejandro has been injecting the sick with nothing but saline solution due to their low supplies.

He's merely keeping people going on the hope that they are actually being treated.

Maybe I need to view this episode again, but wasn't it hinted at that Alejandro was bitten? If so, why hasn't he turned? Does he know of some kind of vaccine that keeps the infection at bay?

That would be an incredible reveal. Especially since The Walking Dead is going into its seventh season with no hope of a cure in sight. But it seems they have worse things to worry about with Negan.

I could have just interpreted that scene wrong and it could have just been a regular wound, but it was not shown for no reason.

When the community all gathered at the end, the good doctor had some words for his people. Although, the more it went on, the more this community started to feel like a cult, rather that a safe haven. Eventually, Nick joined in with Alejandro's eerie chant.

From death we come...and to death we deliver ourselves.


During the same hour, we finally caught up with Strand, Madison, Alycia and Ofelia in their quest in locating the rest of their group. We know NIck is safe, for now. But Madison feels differently, as she confided in Strand.

I wasn't surprised the Abigail was nowhere to be found when they went back for it. Strand seems to think it was the military, but who wrote "Abigail Lost Head North" in the sand? Do you agree with Strand's theory?

When they arrived at the hotel, the first inclination that something wasn't right was that the door was barricaded form the inside. I did chuckle though when Strand repeatedly rang the service desk bell.

Service is sub-par.


My favorite scene was Strand and Madison bonding over a few drinks at the hotel bar. I enjoyed seeing a lighter side of these two as they engaged each other.

They have good chemistry when they share screen time together. It was a nice change without them bumping heads constantly.

Madison: Are you hitting on me?
Strand: I'm a seducer of people.

Alycia and Ofelia didn't really do anything interesting this hour aside from finding an infected in a bathtub who had hung himself. Ofelia did zone out a bit while staring at the restrained infected.

I thoroughly enjoyed the infected falling over the hotel balcony's. It reminded me of the walkers falling through the supermarket roof in The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1.

At the end of the hour, Alycia was on the run from infected and Ofelia nowhere to be found. Where is she? Strand and Madison found themselves in an epic infected bar fight and were eventually surrounded.

With all that alcohol at their disposal, now would be a good time to whip up a nice Molotov cocktail.

This was one of the better episodes of this series and the pacing was good throughout with some decent tension. The character development and bonding between Strand and Madison was a nice addition.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments below.

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Los Muertos Review

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Don't look, don't look...


From death we come...and to death we deliver ourselves.