Power Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Don't Worry, Baby

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Bye, Holly.

Seriously, can she go already? And maybe she can catch a bus down to DC and hang out with LaVerne and Kanan off screen for the rest of the season.

Can we make this a reality, Power Gods?

While Holly continues to be insufferable, her presence didn't ruin Power Season 3 Episode 4, which took another step towards coalescing all the conflicting storylines. 

Ghost is a very, very busy man this season. He's always spread himself too thin, but it seems like this season he really is all over the place. One second he's having dinner with his girlfriends sister, then he's taking pictures for Instagram, followed by breaking up a drive by shooting. That's just a day in the life of James Jamie Ghost St. Patrick. 

I never thought for an instant that Ghost was going to just let Tommy die, but it didn't stop me from getting overly excited when Ghost ran up on the scene and just started shooting. Now if only Tommy had seen that it was Ghost that came to his rescue, that would really move things in another direction, but it's just still not time for those two to fully come back together. 

Just as Ghost wasn't about to let Tommy die, Tommy has no intention of killing Ghost. His excuses are getting worse and worse and Holly has had enough. Look, I understand that Holly's motives for wanting Ghost dead are personal and rightfully so. There is a major threat to her family and the way to eliminate that threat is to kill Ghost. 

And even though that makes sense, I hate it and I want Holly gone. At this point, it feels like Holly is digging her own grave. She has firmly planted herself into this world that she doesn't understand and it's going to come back to bite her.


Tasha: The fuck you gonna do with a baby?
Holly: I don't know.

What Holly needs to do is get herself a Mommy and Me book and stay away from contract killers. 

The saga that is Angela and Ghost continues to just spiral downward and with each passing week it's getting harder and harder to see how these two get a happy ending. For starters, Ghost needs to get himself a divorce. Ghost and Angela have been doing their thing for so long now, I almost forget that he's still a married man. 

Sure it's in name only, but the fact that he still refers to Tasha as his wife is awfully telling. And is Angela ever going to tell Ghost anything about the Lobos case? I guess she thinks it's better to keep him in the dark, but it's clear to see that this plan is going to blow up in her face sooner that later. 

If somehow Greg finally gets a win and Ruiz makes it back to New York alive and becomes a master snitch, Ghost is going to be in a lot of trouble. If Angela has a plan, she better start putting things in motion because things are getting very real. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • LaVerne is still scary as all hell and she and Kanan together definitely scares me. I'm just wondering how many more episodes there will be before they show up in New York. 
  • Ruiz mopping floors was a sad sight. I always liked Ruiz and while I'm happy he's back, I hope he's got some tricks up his sleeve. 
  • I'm going to need Dre to find his purpose, because I'm not sure he has one at the moment. Tonight he dropped in to get the intel about the hit on Tommy and flirt with Karen. He deserves better. 
  • Speaking of Karen, she can't work with Ghost until he gets on social media? Is this really how the world works now? Do business deals fall through because people don't have Twitter?
  • They are really pushing Tariq on us this season and I'm not sure what to make of it. I see that they're trying to give us the perspective of a kid dealing with this parents splitting up, but this show is about so much more that Ghost's family. And for two seasons they've been super low on the totem pole, so trying to make this storyline relevant now just isn't working for me. 
  • When is Lobos coming back? An episode devoid of Lobos is an episode devoid of laughter. 

Alright peeps, leave a message and let me know what you thought of "Don't Worry, Baby". Are you liking where this season is headed? Are you over Ghost and Angela's relationship drama? Are you over Holly and her meddling?

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Don't Worry, Baby Review

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Power Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Tasha: Is he in jail?
Angela: No.
Tasha: Is he dead?
Angela: No, Tasha. Jamie is fine.

But you know you didn't do it for Tariq. You sure as hell didn't do it for me. You did this for Ghost. And as long as you stay in this thing with him, you're gonna be doing for Ghost the rest of your life. Goodbye.

Tasha [to Angela]