Power Season 3 Episode 6 Review: The Right Decision

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Anyone else need a tissue?

Power Season 3 Episode 6 left us with another gut punch ending, as Ghost's seemingly impenetrable heart was effectively shattered when he realized that he would once again have to sacrifice Angela for the greater good. Was it a shocker to see these two separate? No, but it was still pretty devastating nonetheless. 

And that was far from the only drama! 

Coming Undone - Power

The centerpiece of this episode was the transport of Lobos from his current hideaway to a bigger prison. While Knox and Angela were hoping things went smoothly, Ghost and Tommy were preparing to mess everything up.

I can't say enough how great it is to have Ghost and Tommy back together. Now there is clearly a ton of resentment and distrust between them, but just seeing them share the screen is enough to get me excited these days. Power as a whole works best when these two have storylines that coincide with one another.

The beginning of the season was not my favorite due to all the various plots that moved in circles around one another. But now that things are gelling, the back half of this season is poised to be a great one. 

Killing me doesn't save you. One day you will find yourself standing right here. God doesn't take men like us peacefully while we sleep.

Lobos [to Ghost]

Ghost and Tommy's plan to capture Lobos seemed pretty flawless at first, with Tasha stepping back into her role of dutiful wife once again and Tommy masking his crazy to appear loyal to Lobos's henchman. And things were going well, until they decided to argue and let Lobos escape. 

The escape was short lived, but still pretty frustrating, as was them not realizing Lobos had a phone on him. Rookie mistake! Sandoval wasted no time trying to figure out where that phone was located and by next week I fully expect Lobos's body to be found and some small piece of evidence that will connect Ghost or Tommy to the job. 

Lobos, it was a pleasure. You were truly one sickening, terrifying man. But you were also hilarious and always good for an ill-timed joke, so for that, I will miss you. 

With Lobos gone, it seemed like Ghost would finally be free. He and Angela could live their lives in peace, gallivanting the world (Tariq who?) and getting it on wherever they pleased. It was a nice dream, but it was just never meant to be. 

It turns out shady security guy is Milan, aka the Serbian known for eating people! I knew that guy was shady.com, but I was not expecting that twist!

Yo, we just took out one sicko yesterday! I'm not emotionally prepared to work for another psychopath.

Tommy [to Ghost]

Milan wants back what Ghost stole at the end of Power Season 2 and since he's been monitoring Ghost's whole life the past few weeks, it won't be easy to just kill him and think everything will go away. Everything Ghost holds dear, his family, his clubs, Angela, could all go poof if he doesn't adhere to Milan's demands. 

And this leads us to the emotional climax, when Ghost decides he has to end things Angela. Side note, I love that Tommy's jealousy of Angela is as strong as ever. She is the first person to ever threaten and succeed in stealing the role of Ghost's number two and he is just never going to let that go. 

Instead of killing her like Tommy gleefully suggested, Ghost chose the breakup route and his reasoning was honestly super pathetic. And Angela knew it. Man it was hard watching her practically beg him to reconsider and love her. Those two have been through the ringer and I don't know how much more either one of their hearts can take in regards to each other. 

Have we ever seen Ghost breakdown like that? I know he's the anti-hero of this complex, intricate show and it can be very hard to root for him at times, but watching him lean against the door, fighting back tears and the temptation to open the door and embrace the love of his life was excruciatingly painful. 

Why, oh why, must you do this to us every season Power Gods?

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Tasha is the definition of team player. I gained so much respect for her this week, as she stepped up to help Ghost and Tommy to protect her family. For her to keep herself and her children safe, she needs Ghost to be safe. She puts aside her ego and hurt for the good of her family and I commend that. However, I don't commend Ghost for calling Angela right in front of her. There was a massive bathroom the size of my bedroom a few feet away he could have holed up in. No need to ever talk to your mistress in front of your wife. 
  • Tommy hid his pain for awhile, but it's clear Holly's death is going to haunt him forever. And going to her "grave" to give her that ring? Sad, sad, sad. 
  • Knox was shot during the Lobos melee and it was clear he wasn't going to die because he was the only person not shot in the head. And are we setting things up for an Angela/Knox reunion? I'm only down for that if Knox continues his vendetta against her behind the scenes, because that's the only way their dynamic has every been remotely interesting. 
  • I hate to even breath this in to existence, but Lobos is definitely dead, right? After that Kanan debacle, I feel like I always need firm confirmation now when a major character bites it. 

We are on a winning streak here, with two amazing installments in a row. What did you guys think about "The Right Decision"? Are you sad Ghost and Angela are done? Are you happy to see Ghost and Tommy working together again? When will Kanan make his presence known?

As always, leave me a comment so we can work through our feelings together and remember to watch Power online anytime your heart desires!

The Right Decision Review

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Power Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

You already got a side bitch on your side bitch?

Tommy [to Ghost]

Usual shit, Ghost. Leaving me with the mess.