Power Season 3 Episode 9 Review: I Call the Shots

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Alright, is anyone else sick of hearing, "We gotta kill Ghost."

That has been the tagline of this season, yet, can't we all say with about 99.9% accuracy that Ghost is not going to die any time soon? Power Season 3 Episode 9 was another week in which Ghost made a dumb move, Tommy got his feelings hurt and bad decisions drenched in bitterness took center stage. 

That's pretty much what this season has felt like for me. One big bad decision. 

Feeling Betrayed - Power

I have loved Power since the pilot and I will NEVER stop watching or supporting this show, but it would be dishonest of me to act like this season has been on par with the other two. It has not been and I'm not really sure where the blame really lies. 

The season started off weak in my opinion with too many disconnected plots, hit an all time high with Power Season 3 Episode 5, but has now come down to earth with this penultimate episode. Where is the buildup to the finale? 

Now that may be a little harsh, since there were a few pretty big developments, but they just didn't excite me the way Power surprises usually do. For instance, someone finally figuring out Sandoval was Lobos's mole should have been a big moment, but Knox being the one to discover it left me feeling pretty meh. 

I have no faith that Knox will go about exposing Sandoval the right way, in fact, he will probably end up getting himself killed or someone else in trouble before the truth ever comes out. And will he clue Angela in to what's going on? Will he continue his vendetta against Ghost?

These are interesting things to ponder going in to next week, but are you on the edge of your seat waiting for those answers? I'm not. 

I chose you over Holly. This time motherfucker, you need to choose me.

Tommy [to Ghost]

I love Tommy and Ghost, both as individual characters and as a unit, but their scenes are beginning to feel like Groundhog's Day. Ghost just can not be truthful with Tommy. And Tommy can just not keep from feeling like a little boy that didn't get a puppy on Christmas morning every time Ghost misleads him. 

It's starting to get tired and when Tommy went to Milan at the end of the episode declaring that Ghost needs to die, I found myself silently nodding. Tommy has been through absolute hell this year and Ghost is so wrapped up in himself that he doesn't even see how much pain Tommy is in. 

Ghost is an incredibly selfish man and he can say everything he does is to protect people, but at the end of the day, he's protecting Ghost. As much as I loathed Holly, she was the one person that made Tommy happy and when faced with the thought of losing Ghost, he literally killed her with his bare hands. And Ghost STILL can't tell Tommy the truth.

There is going to be more seasons of this show, so Ghost isn't going anywhere, but I'm almost ready for an official Ghost and Tommy split because they are so bad for one another the way they are right now. Ghost needs to get his priorities in order and Tommy needs to properly grieve and come to grips with what he lost with Holly.

I just don't see either one of them doing that any time soon, unless they are forced to. And that may very well happen, as I'm thinking the finale is going to be emotionally deadly affair. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

  • No, Ruiz! I have always been a Ruiz fan and I am NOT happy about his death. Tasha just had to run her mouth to Tommy, didn't she. I'm not understanding how she and Ghost aren't seeing how completely unhinged Tommy is. He literally has that 'I'll kill you' look in his eyes 24/7 and yet these two stay lying or giving him information he has no business knowing. Do better St. Patrick's. 
  • Speaking of Tasha, that sex scene with Ghost was all kinds of awkward. Tasha deserves someone who puts her first and Ghost never will. 
  • Is Keisha dead? I'm still thinking no. 
  • Dre has been climbing up my dislike list all season, but tonight he topped it. Why is he loyal to everyone but Ghost? I. Don't. Get. It. 
  • Kanan is just gallivanting all over NYC and I need someone to spot him. Also, where do Ghost and Tasha think Tariq is when he's with Kanan? And why doesn't Tariq thinks it's strange that a grown man wants to spend so much time with him?

Finale is next week and I'm going to need to hear your predictions! I think there will be multiple deaths and one of them will be Tariq's. I think that brings all the central characters together in a way that will propel the emotional aspect of next season and beyond. 

Tell me what you predict and let me know what you thought of this installment? What will Knox do next? Are you sad to see Ruiz go? 

Drop a comment down below and remember to watch Power online right now so you're caught up before it's over!

I Call the Shots Review

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Power Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Our pursuit of St. Patrick and Egan as the killers, it's over. It's done.

Knox [to Angela]

Tommy is one of us now, isn't that right?