The Young and the Restless Recap: Chloe Goes Too Far!

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Wow. What a week!

Yes, the team went all out for the 11,000th episode, but there weren't as many shocking stories as I would have expected.

Instead, the focus became fairly singular once it got going, and it all pointed to the disappearance of Adam Newman. Again.

Thingy Dingy - The Young and the Restless

If they were going to have a week full of memories to make Chadam even more of a super couple than ever before, this one did it. There is so much to talk about in their regard.

What I'm wondering, though, is whether we've come to the end of the road for Justin Hartley as Adam or if he'll still be game for playing the character in shorter spurts as Adam gets less air time with more significant meaning to those scenes he's in.

It shouldn't come as a shock that Mr. Teeter Totter himself, Victor Newman, was the man behind Adam's prison escape (doesn't that seem like eons ago??) or that his hope is for Adam to find happiness with his family even if it means he never sees his son again.

Victor Did It - The Young and the Restless

If nothing else can be said about Victor Newman, at least he's consistent at being inconsistent. He'll never do whatever he should have done upon the first try, so he'll screw up and have to spend far more time righting his wrongs.

Not that he'll admit what he did was wrong. Oh no. His actions are always part of a master plan only he understands. He's exasperating.

Now that there is a humongous underground tunnel connecting all of Genoa City and what appears to be every house and structure within six miles (even if they don't know it yet), the world is Victor's oyster. And Chloe's.

Good God. Chloe. She just couldn't leave well enough alone, could she? How does ANYBODY buy a single word she says?

Chloe has looked guilty with every breath she's taken since she has come back to town. She has never once sounded sincere when she said she has forgiven Adam. But still, people trust her. Why?

The Bad Seed - The Young and the Restless

Honestly, I've never liked Chloe. She is never without an agenda that is all about her. She doesn't have a compassionate bone in her body and she's an unfit mother. She's a murderer. Not as in "I was driving down the road and hit a bump, got out of the car, took a look and saw nothing, got back and and only the next day learned a child had been killed." 

Chloe is a cold blooded, planned it more than once and will plan it again until she gets it right kind of gal. No regrets. No remorse. She'd probably do it with her daugher looking on.

She quite simply has no understanding of right and wrong, which is why she cannot get it through her head that Adam didn't murder her daughter, but that Delia was the victim of a terrible accident.

Real Love - The Young and the Restless

And, as much as she hates it, Adam was paying for that accident legally until she framed him for a murder he didn't commit. He stood up, accepted it and wanted to be judged. That's not something Chloe will ever do. 

In fact, Adam did it again when he assaulted the guard, until his father intervened. At what point, though, do you just get sick of trying to do the right thing when the world keeps forbidding it from happening?

The scenes at the cabin were wonderful. They showcased all the reasons I don't want another actor taking over the role of Adam even if it means less airtime for a great character. When Adam was showing Connor the fishing rod and calling parts thingy dingies, Hartley was so natural. It's too rare to lose.

We may have to lose Adam for a while, but let's not lose Hartley.

Blown to Bits - The Young and the Restless

Chloe is a sick woman, and for some reason, Kevin loves her. He's still protecting her and caring for her more than she deserves. I hope he stops and smells the roses (Mariah).

The entire town is going to be looking for Adam for a long time. Chelsea thinks he's dead, but there is no way that's happening again, and hopefully Chelsea isn't going to fall for the Adam is dead shtick again without a body. She knows better, right?

People popping up from the dead is annoying. Nobody is dead without human remains that have been verified. Have some hope, people!!

The Billy/Vicki/Travis/Phyllis/Jack whatever-angle continued this week, but didn't have a lot of movement. By the time Jack finds out about Billy and Phyllis, Billy and Vicki will be together again, and Phyllis will be left in the cold.

If that's the point of this, then I cry foul. The woman doesn't always get the short end of the stick. Why should Phyllis suffer consequences of an affair if others don't? Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Saying Hello - The Young and the Restless

Neil had a reunion with his mother and the big story was she's an alcoholic. He never knew.

She left him to get clean, and when she wanted to go back to him, his father made it impossible. As Neil grew up, he, too made it impossible for her to gain a foothold in his life.

Since Neil is an alcoholic himself, he wondered if given all the knowledge she has now if she would do it differently. Maybe if she stayed, it would have worked out and they would have found a way to be happy.

She said no, and the reason she was so sure is because of the man Neil turned out to be. You know, she might have rethought that decision if she had been given a little more information. Neil wasn't exactly someone to be proud of for every waking minute.

She just so happens to be dying at a decent time in his life. But, I'll be forgiving about her less-than-realistic approach to determining her answers here since she was Lt. Uhura.

Have you seen the Soap Opera Digest Fall Preview? I don't know how you all feel about spoilers, so I'm holding back. I really want to talk about it, so let me know how upset you'd be if we discussed possible spoilers on a WIDE scale...i.e., Jane Doe's world is about to blow up!

Until next week and episode 11,005...

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