Arrow Round Table: What Will Become of the Recruits?

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Was Oliver too harsh on the recruits?

That was a key question on Arrow Season 5 Episode 2 when it became apparent that Oliver would need some help to lay down the law.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry, Jim Garner and Steven Ford chat about the new team, Diggle's storyline and whether Oliver is being too harsh with the recruits.

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What did you think of the new team?

Robin: They could grow on me, though Wild Dog was getting on my last nerve with all his attitude. I had totally forgotten that Curtis was an Olympian, so I was pleasantly reminded of that aspect of his character. Also, his fail at the salmon ladder (while Oliver showed off doing it in a suit) was my favorite scene of the episode.

Jim: I need to see what they really bring to the table. So far Curtis has shown he can take a beating and fail the salmon ladder, so not sure where his Olympian skills are at, but I haven't seen them. Wild Dog seems to have plenty of angst.. So, I hope we get to see them shine before to long.  

Steven: I didn't really think too highly of them to be honest. I like the idea of Curtis being a part of team Arrow but I don't feel HIS training was necessary since I don't foresee him being out on the streets with Oliver. The other recruits didn't really have much of an impact but that might just be the fact that I don't feel the old team can be easily replaced.

Are you enjoying the new dynamic between Oliver and Felicity?

Robin: You know, if this was season 1, 2 or even 3, I'd be okay with their dynamic. But after the mess of season 4, I'm not buying the platonic bliss that they're trying to sell me right now. Especially since Oliver clearly still loves her (from his conversation with Diggle) and she's moved on faster than the Flash changes timelines. Not. buying. it.

Jim: I have to agree with Robin on this one. I feel like we missed something, Felicity is dating one of the Ritter's and suddenly Oliver is pining for her? And they are back to playful banter as friends... I'm really confused.

Steven: I'm actually quite tired of Oliver and Felicity's back and forth. It's nice and all that they're setting aside their past differences, but it's just not working for me anymore at this point.  

Is Oliver being too harsh with the recruits?

Robin: Yes and no. Yes, in that he could be a little less tyrannical and a little more encouraging. No, in that the whole idea that he should trust them after just meeting them is silly, and I can't believe he took his mask off. If they want to fight crime on the street, they should be able to handle being roughed up a little. 

Jim: Not at all. Laurel died doing this job, he's been shot, stabbed, and near death more times than we can count. If they can't handing a little rough training, then how are they going to survive on the street? 

Steven: Not at all. Like Oliver said, it took him five years to get to the point of taking on criminality. He's trying to teach them how to think and not be careless so they don't get themselves killed. They want in, great. But preparing them properly falls on Oliver, and it needs to be done his way.

Was Curtis right to go off on with Oliver?

Robin: All these newbies feeling entitled to more respect/trust than they've earned and thinking they know the score. Oliver was a tyrant of a teacher, I'll give him that, but come on! He's supposed to trust these kids fresh off the street? 

Jim: Amen Robin! While I can understand Curtis being upset, the other two he doesn't even know! 

Steven: Again, Oliver knows what he is doing. Maybe Curtis' feelings were hurt. Boo freakin' hoo! Grow up and do what the man in green tells you to do. If you don't like it, go home.

How do you feel about Diggle's storyline?

Robin: Right now I'm ambivalent. I'll probably have more feelings about it when it ties into whatever's going on in Star City, and hopefully that's soon. 

Jim: First off, as ex-military the fact that Diggle didn't shave on active duty bugs me to no end. If they are on combat deployment they don't have to shave, but he is/was CLEARLY on a base, so he should be shaving. Beyond that, Isn't this our second or third "corrupt military unit" storyline? Did we really need another corrupt commander and squad where Diggle is the only honest guy other than the green-recruit who they either kill or use as leverage? This trope is getting way old. 

Steven: I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet. We have three different stories going on right now between Diggle's story, the flashbacks and the happenings in Star City. So far, the pacing and juggling between the three are okay for now, but I hope Diggle's story works its way back into the main arc.

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