Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Mob Rules

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The bystander effect was in full swing on Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 4, as the Reagan’s wrestled with cowardice, apathy, and the stigma of “being a rat.”

It was difficult to decide whether I was more disappointed in Frank or Jamie in this installment.

From Frank’s point of view, the job was far more complicated than the arrest of one cab driver. The Homeland Security case was certainly important. I’m sure that investigation could save many lives but did that discount the life of one innocent bystander. 

Dealing With an Attack - Blue Bloods

Frank told Jamie he was putting a whole lot on one collar, but to Salem, that one collar could have him shipped back to Syria where he could easily end up dead, all for yelling at a guy for side swiping him on the street. 

I don’t understand why you're breaking your neck trying to look the other way on this.


As uncomfortable as it made Jamie, he still went along with the arrest and decided to keep his mouth shut. Would he have testified to what he saw if called to the stand? I’d hope so, but that didn’t stop Salem from taking a beating in jail. 

I also didn’t like how Eddie seemed willing to go along with what ever Jamie decided. In part, I get it. Jamie is the Commissioner’s son. If anyone has the pull to change something it’s him, but I’d like to have seen Eddie take a stand on this one too. 

As for Frank, my favorite moment was this Blue Bloods quote

There are things I admire about you that this job will eat away at until they are gone.


Does Frank put his emotions in a box and forget about them? Partially. I don’t think he could do his job if he didn’t learn how to compartmentalize, but throughout the last several seasons we’ve seen how the job has affected him. I’m afraid that box can only hold so much. 

Is Jamie too idealistic to be a cop? I think he’s learned a lot from his rookie days. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he eventually ended up being the next of the Reagan’s to become Police Commissioner. 

Elsewhere, Sid Gormley took a beat down in his own front yard. I was a bit surprised that this storyline didn’t take up more of the focus of this episode. Perhaps it was because I knew it was coming from watching the previews but I expected Sid being injured to pack more of an emotional punch than it did. 

Frank: You could fill this floor with guys who worked with Sid.
Anthony: But I'm the one who's here.

I appreciated Anthony’s willingness to step up, but we never did see any fallout with Erin even though the subject was hinted at more than once. Also, arresting Vlad on public urination and then getting him to roll over on his crew felt a little too easy to be satisfying. 

Then there was Danny and Baez investigating gang violence. 

I was shocked that Fausto even let Danny in the door, lasagna or no. When Danny proudly brought Baez back around to tell her that Fausto was going to testify, I knew it would never happen, but seeing Eduardo on the other side of the door was a shock. 

I didn’t really know where this story was going until Eduardo stepped in front of Fausto’s wheelchair. Fausto showed no hesitation when he blew the man’s brains out, and given how evil Eduardo was, it was hard to blame him. 

I’m curious if this one act of violence had any effect on the gang war in that neighborhood. I’d love it if the show did a follow up on that but I doubt it will happen. 

Even the Reagan family dinner took an unexpected turn when Jack admitted to keeping his mouth shut after watching a bunch of girls beat up another girl in the stairwell at school. 

HIs excuse of not wanting to be a rat was incredibly disappointing. Not coming forward was nothing more than fear and I was a bit surprised that his family didn’t have more to say about it. 

What did you think Blue Bloods fans? Did Jamie push hard enough to do the right thing or is Frank right, and he has to choose to pick his battles? And what should the family have said to Jack?

Check back next week for my review of Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 5 and if you need to catch up, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

Mob Rules Review

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

It's like a giant pothole in my memory.


Frank: You could fill this floor with guys who worked with Sid.
Anthony: But I'm the one who's here.