Chicago PD: Amy Morton On Platt's Road Back From Revenge

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Yes, Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 3 was a heart-breaker for Sergeant Trudy Platt, who not only was attacked and left for dead but then discovered that the same man killed her father. Platt escaped from Chicago Med to kidnap the killer and would have murdered him if not for the intervention of Voight. So how is Platt going to hold up after all that?

TV Fanatic spoke to Amy Morton to discuss her character's huge episode, what it was like for her to play such heavy material, and what the success of Chicago PD means to her as a local actress (she was born in nearby Oak Park and has spent most of her career in Chicago theatre!). Plus, she pitched us the best idea for a Platt spin-off series.

Read the interview below, and you can revisit Morton's phenomenal performance in last week's episode when you watch Chicago PD online before you catch Chicago PD Season 4, Episode 4 tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

Platt and Tay On Duty - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 4

Last week's episode was probably as devastating as it could possibly be for Platt, with her attack and the murder of her father and then almost becoming a killer herself. Will we see any aftereffects from that episode in future ones?

Amy Morton: She pretty much just gets back on the horse and back at the job. There's a couple of episodes coming up that have really strong storylines but don't have to do with what happened. Beyond that, I don't really know.

What about for you? What was all that like to play?

AM: I had a great time. It was really fun. I had a blast and everybody in the episode was so great. It was really, really fun.

We know that Platt had a lengthy career before becoming sergeant, including passing the detective's exam twice. And she has that great speech to Mouch about still being the police. Might this experience motivate her to say it's time to get back out from behind the desk?

AM: Quite possibly, but I don't think in a full time capacity at all. Having talked to cops who are about my age, they talk a lot about missing their beats and missing their foot patrols and the things they used to do but not necessarily needing to go back. The mind is willing but it takes a toll so I don't think you're going to see her go back to foot patrol, let's put it that way.

So what can we say is ahead for her?

AM: I think she becomes closer with Burgess [Marina Squerciati], in terms of their friendship gets even stronger. And here's what I think happens that's really important: I don't think she changes that much. I don't think she becomes all of a sudden out of character and is completely sympathetic all the time. Which is good. She's still who she is. She's totally rich but again I don't think that's going to change her much because she's a cop through and through and she's going to stay a cop. I mean this in the best way - I don't think a whole lot is going to change.

We're four seasons in now so all these characters are experienced officers. What do you think Platt now thinks of the team? Is she proud of how these officers have turned out?

AM: I think she's incredibly proud of that precinct. I think she would bet her life on that precinct and I think she has deep trust in all those cops. I don't think this is a character that trusts easily, so I think in order to pass muster with Platt you have to be a damn good cop.

What Chicago PD fans may not know about you is that you had a rich theater career before the show came along. You have two Tony Award nominations. So what made you say that you wanted to commit to doing years of a TV show in the first place?

AM: The storyline was so good and the character was fantastic. I was like, this is someone who's completely truthful and unbelievably flawed and trying to do the right thing every day but is hard to get along with. And I was like this is me, this is really going to be fun.

Also, this is my hometown. You can ask any actress, to get a job in their hometown it doesn't happen, so I felt really lucky to have this in my town. So I wasn't going to say no. I'm so freaking lucky to have this job in my hometown. I'm very grateful.

As someone who's from Chicago, what's it like for you to see this whole franchise spring up and just explode and be such a huge success in your city?

AM: On a lot of levels, it means a lot of things. Just on a professional level, it's giving jobs to the Chicago community that are very important, not only the actors but also crews as well. That's a huge deal. A lot of the extras on our set are actual cops that are making extra money. That gives it an authenticity that is really important.

I also think that they're telling Chicago stories. Some of these stories are ripped from the pages of cops' files. That I think is really important and they're not shying away from the ugly part as well as shining a big light on the really good things about the city. So it's meaningful to me with these very real and three-dimensional stories of people.

There are already four Chicago shows and Platt seems like a character who'd be ripe for a spin-off. So if she ever got her own show, what would you want it to be about?

AM: I would want it to be one of the worst gardening shows in the world. Platt trying to garden would be hilarious, and seeing guest stars like Burgess. Most of the people she has on her reality show don't know how to garden either, so it's basically drinking wine in the backyard and complaining about other people.

Catch up with Platt and the entire Chicago Police Department when Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 4 airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC. If you've missed any of Season 4 so far you can also watch Chicago PD online. Let's see how long it takes before Platt is back in action kicking butt and taking names - because it wouldn't be the same without her.

Brittany Frederick is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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