Frequency Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Bleed Over

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The Kardashians are not alone.

If I read The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story right, they became addicted to fame because of everything their father was going through as a result of his involvement in that crime, so it's no surprise Ava felt special on Frequency Season 1 Episode 4.

There are probably a lot of people who find themselves in similar situations, but never achieve the ranks of the Kardashians. Instead, they probably just wind up feeling guilty.

Flashes of Memory - Frequency

Frank doesn't get the respect he deserves from anyone. He was dissed by both his adult daughter and his wife. They question either his motives or rationale far too often.

Frank's instincts are incredible. It might be difficult for Raimy to let go and trust him because she held with her the idea he was a bad cop for so long, but since they "met" as adults, he's been right at every turn.

She was disappointed in him for not pulling her back when she got a little too excited at the prospects of the Nightingale case being over when she was pummeling that dude in the parking lot on Frequency Season 1 Episode 3, but she was also annoyed Frank wanted to check out the possibilities with Ava's case and how it might influence their fight to find the killer.

Of course, he was right, even if he didn't have a full understanding of how Ava and her mother's murder would fit into the overall narrative.

I guessed right away Ava was faking her attack as an adult when she did the exact same thing she did as a girl to be rescued. But it all worked out in the end anyway, because she had some very valuable information that was just waiting to be released. 

Between Frank and Raimy working together to stress the importance of sharing what she knew with the police, they actually did it. But still, even with the information at hand, Julie doesn't fully trust Frank.

Yes, he was undercover for two years. But why does that mean he doesn't love his family? Why would she think, even for a second, he wouldn't want to keep her and Raimy safe? They've not given us enough insight into Julie yet to make me care if she makes it out the other side of this Nightingale thing. She's kind of a pain in the ass.

Frank isn't going to approach a truck, gun pulled, if he hasn't done his research. Instead of being thankful that her soon-to-be ex-husband is still looking out for her, Julie thinks he's going overboard and that she's not in any more trouble than any of the other nurses in the area.

Not all of the other nurses in the area have a cop as a husband with inside information on the case, although it's likely that during a tense time like they're going through now, they would probably welcome it.

Frank is just a really cool guy who wants to save his family. But he also realizes there's a possibility it's not going to happen, and that kind of breaks him up inside. 

Can you imagine knowing the woman you life may be on borrowed time, no matter how hard you try to keep her safe? And he knows how badly his daughter wants to get her life back, but he might not be able to do that for her, either. 

Honestly, I'm not invested in Raimy's other life, so this one is working out for this viewer. Sorry, Raimy!

Here, let me get this straight. You're afraid to sleep with the guy at work who you don't remember, because you'd be cheating on the guy who doesn't remember you? [strikes his beer bottle] Shame...shame...shame...


It was funny that Raimy's sexy (maybe one night stand??) came back to her only after she saw Kyle due to his connection to Ava's case. I've always enjoyed the actor playing Kyle, and the character received high marks, too.

How often on TV do you find a man who called a woman and feels let down because she didn't return the call? Whatever she was telling him when they were together, he got the impression she was interested in more, and he liked the idea. 

It was only after Satch paralleled her life to Ava's, who was looking back more than forward, and Frank told Raimy she can't stop living with the hope they fix what's broken because it might never come to pass that she decided to give Kyle a shot.

I hope we see more of him, because he seems worth it. It would also be helpful to have another detective's mind to run things past. What's so great about Daniel, anyway? Prove him to me before I'm expected to care!

While we wait, I'm interested in Frank and Raimy, and really surprised how much I like Frank. Riley Smith is making the most of this role, and even if it's only a stepping stone, I hope people are taking notice.

What did you think of this one? Who's winning your heart? How hard will it be to find the Nightingale Killer now that his truck has been burned? We'll take a break from this on Frequency Season 1 Episode 5 when we see Raimy's first day on the force, which might feature her dad in her new memories.

I say there will be a break on other things because that episode was technically number four, and this was number five, so if they're switched, it seems it must be easily moved and not break the line of timing.

Don't forget, you can watch Frequency online to catch up if you missed anything!

Bleed Over Review

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Frank: You got all of that out of her file?
Raimy: No, the internet.
Frank: Wow. Dial-up's fast.

Here, let me get this straight. You're afraid to sleep with the guy at work who you don't remember, because you'd be cheating on the guy who doesn't remember you? [strikes his beer bottle] Shame...shame...shame...