Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Dark Waters

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Killian has a lot of family issues.

On Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 6, Killian hit a rough patch with Henry, and then his younger brother Liam made an appearance in both the flashback and the present day. It's a small word, I suppose.

Liam being Nemo's first mate was just way too much. I mean, really, we had to go there?

Captain Nemo Does Some Explaining - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 6

It seemed too coincidental, and part of me feels like Nemo should have somehow known. You can't just take hateful people on board and not do a background check just to make sure you don't, I don't know, put someone on the submarine with his or her nemesis. Be smart, Nemo!

Honestly, I had kind of forgotten about the whole father murderer thing. While I enjoyed Killian opening up to Henry about it, Liam and Killian were not particularly entertaining. They weren't bad, but they didn't capture my attention. Also, Henry's face when Killian said he killed his father was absolutely hilarious. 

Killian and Henry's storyline somehow manages to be annoying but also nice. It's a hard combo to pull off.

Angry Henry who all of a sudden seems to hate Killian was annoying. The angry kid storyline never really does it for me. It's usually more eye roll worthy than anything else and that's definitely how the first part of the hour plays out.

Henry's line about Killian not being family does not really make sense. His comment to the Evil Queen about Killian not being his dad does, but it always seemed like Henry accepted Killian as being a part of the family.

Now, maybe it's because the Evil Queen called Killian Henry's "dad-to-be," and that made Henry start to think about how Killian could become his stepfather. It would make sense if before that, Henry just thought of Killian as a cool guy who made his mom happy. Killian probably went too far by throwing out the pop-tarts.

While the fight was stupid, Killian opening up to Henry and their reconciliation is great. Henry and Killian have such a great relationship.

Twisted Sisters - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 6

Also, could we not have the Evil Queen manipulate Henry? I'd rather explore her actually trying to be Henry's mom. It would be really interesting if Henry grew to like the Evil Queen, even just a little. 

We are seeing Zelena start to favor her evil sister a bit more, which I'm sure is bothering Regina, so can you imagine if Regina realized that Henry doesn't completely hate the Evil Queen?

Now, obviously it wouldn't make sense for Henry to be over the moon about the Evil Queen, but if she started to actually help Henry or clue him in on stuff, without a hidden agenda, Henry might start to not totally despise her.

This sounds a lot more fun than the Evil Queen using Henry to accomplish what she wants. What do you think?

Well, I was going to talk about how much I'm enjoying the Evil Queen and Rumple's weird dynamic, and then they made out, which caused my skin to crawl. It's just too weird. I can't do it.

Thankfully, Belle did not happen to glance through the window and see them kissing because that's definitely where it looked like that scene was going. The awkwardness would have been the death of me. Also, Belle deserves nothing but nice things.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Your regularly scheduled reviewer, Christine, will be back next week!

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Dark Waters Review

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