Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7 Review: In No Uncertain Terms

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As Charley was still reeling from the emotional blow of Davis’ lies on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7, but this time it was Aunt Vi’s turn to get sucker punched. 

Charley was angry at the world and who could blame her. Not only was she processing Davis’ betrayal, she had to tell her son that his father had been hiring prostitutes for years, and then she had to deal with Micah’s snarky attitude. 

Charley and Micah - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7

At least I can give Micah a pass. He’s 15 years old and his entire world has been knocked sideways. Overall, it appears that Micah is a pretty good kid. Despite all of the upheaval in his life, he still acts respectful of those around him, which is more than some of the adults in his life can say…

After all the shit you gave me whenever I offered to pay for anything at Daddy's funeral, but when it serves your interests you have no problem stealing money from me.


I could not believe that Nova hadn’t come forward to Charley about the $10,000. As bad as taking the money without asking was, the least she could have done is gone directly to her sister and made a plan to pay it back. Not doing so showed a complete lack of respect. 

Throwing the money Charley just paid Goldie back in her face as some sort of excuse or comparison only made it worse. Charley was right to be furious.

Unfortunately, that anger was taken out on Ralph Angel. Asking Charley to pay him a salary just after Nova bilked her out of $10,000 was poor timing, not that Ralph Angel knew that. Plus she had no perspective for Ra’s plight because he hadn’t shared any of the difficulties he’d had with the warehouse job. 

I was grateful to hear Aunt Vi bring Charley up to speed and as she said in this Queen Sugar quote

If his own family don't help him, who will?


It’s true. Who else does Ralph Angel have other than Roberta trolling around? No one wants to give a parolee a job and so far the only person willing bilked him out of part of his pay. Hopefully, Charley will cut him a break…and a check.

Custody of Blue - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7

I understood why Ralph Angel wanted custody of Blue back. He’s his son and he loves him, but after Ralph Angel almost got arrested, I didn’t think Vi would be keen on signing. Little did I realize the full extent of her concerns about Darla gaining custody…

The courts don't know what we know. That Hollywood found her turning tricks in a shed. Blue dirty, dehydrated, half near dead, laying right beside his momma. Sweat from the man on top of her dropping down onto that baby. No they don't know that.


Oh my God! After hearing that story I was shocked that Ralph Angel had even asked. Vi is the only steady presence in Blue’s life and Ralph Angel would be smart to let her retain legal custody until he can at least finish out his parole. 

Needless to say, Hollywood and Vi’s party had some interesting moments. The sweetest of which was Remy reminding Charley of who she is…

I'm sorry for all the people who can't say they're sorry. I'm sorry they're not giving you what you need right now, but please, don't let anyone, and I mean anyone, steal your joy. That light, your fight. That's what makes you you. Charley, you're an incredible woman. Believe that.


What I liked even more than what Remy said was how Charley reacted to it. She didn’t burst into tears or fall into his arms as I’d expect from a lot of other shows. She just took it all in and promised to see him later. 

Charley Considers Her Future - Queen Sugar

Remy’s words about grief being a part of you until it’s done were even more poignant. Charley lost her father and her marriage. Processing that and moving on is going to take time. 

And then there was Hollywood.

We all knew that Vi would find out about LeeAnne eventually, I just didn’t expect it to be this soon or in the middle of a party at her own home. 

Vi Learns the Truth - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7

As Hollywood’s lies, and the fact that he’s married to someone else, all sank in, Vi looked as though she’d been sucker punched. Oddly enough, Hollywood looked as though he felt even worse. I think he’d been deluding himself into believing that he could somehow handle this situation and come out on top. 

No one juggles two woman without getting burned, no matter how noble their intentions.

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In No Uncertain Terms Review

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

After all the shit you gave me whenever I offered to pay for anything at Daddy's funeral, but when it serves your interests you have no problem stealing money from me.


Nova: I'm feeling something I haven't felt in a very long time.
Chantal: What's that?
Nova: Free.