Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Husband

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Soooo many secrets! Soooo many damn lies! 

Just when it felt like we were given answers to many of our questions, more questions sprouted up! Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 2 turned it up a notch giving us more suspects, more theories, and so much more drama! 

The second installment was exceedingly better than the first, and the season is gearing up to be a really great one!

Past Transgressions - Secrets and Lies

I loved that they started the episode off addressing the fact that Detective Cornell was fifty types of wrong for damn near shouting out the fact that Eric killed someone before AT HIS WIFE'S MEMORIAL! It was in such poor taste for so many reasons, one of them obviously being that it was his wife's memorial! 

The other being, that as Amanda said, it happened when he was a juvenile and juvenile records are sealed and it was expunged. She had no right to disclose that! It irked me. 

And yes, Cornell irks me. She's supposed to. She's more of the antagonist in the series than she is the protagonist. But Juliette Lewis absolutely kills this role like the force of nature that she is! She irks me so good, I love to hate her!

I am especially in love with this season already, because the Warner family will give her a run for her money. It's going to make this entire investigation so much more interesting to watch because she's well matched.  Ben Crawford didn't stand much chance when he was up against her.

Ben Crawford, the innocent man Cornell put away, was killed there.


Which brings me to, holy crap! It hurt to actually hear someone say Ben Crawford is dead. R.I.P to Ben and his glorious abs. With that revelation, I can only imagine that Cornell's reputation has taken a serious hit.

She can't screw it up this time. She has to get it right. And her tactics have to change up a bit too. She has a lot at stake here, and with high stakes there is high intrigue for the audience. I actually feel for her a bit more than I did.

You know your mother's a lush. I bet she sleeps in her own puke.


But back to Eric. Was anyone really surprised that the whole pesky "he killed someone" thing was accidental and related to bullying? No? Me neither.

They gave us that at the top of the hour, and I probably would have dragged that out more. Although, it was such a "safe" explanation that maybe they thought it best to just get it out the way. 

Finding out the truth wasn't nearly as interesting as I would have liked it to be, but I did love the impassioned speech he gave to his firm explaining himself. That had to be an awkward morning at the office. 

Michael Ealy is so charming and Eric just seems so ridiculously clueless and in the dark, that it's hard for me to even think of him as a suspect. I actually want to think of him as a suspect. Anyone who has ever seen him in The Following knows he's so deliciously good at playing bad!

Amanda: What did you expect to find?
Eric: Answers, and some. Who the hell was my wife?

Here he's just the dude who doesn't know a damn thing about his wife!

I have to admit, Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 1 had me really questioning what kind of woman Kate was. Thank God some of that has been cleared up. She's still a mystery, but by the end of the episode she seems like a genuinely good person who loved her husband.

Cornell was putting out feelers to see if maybe Kate taking $100 grand out of Eric's savings account had to do with him being abusive. While his explanation that she got a black eye from walking into a door was ridiculous, it never felt like it was untrue.

I thought Kate taking all that money out of the account had something to do with her ex boyfriend. Why was she meeting him so much? I was expecting something huge related to Kate's spotty past, but nope. An extortion plot that goes right back to Eric's juvenile record.

Don't judge when you only have half the story.


Even the baby secret wasn't dark and twisty like we would have thought. From the sounds of it she was just a young teenager with an unplanned pregnancy who gave her baby up! Maybe she should have told Eric about it, but that wasn't nearly as dark as I anticipated it being.

Although, we still don't know who the father was or whether or not it's someone from her past who was coming after her. Honestly, the second episode pretty much squashed all my reservations about Kate being sketchy and now I don't know why anyone would want to kill her.

Well, except maybe Neal. Neal was suspect in the premiere, because he clearly disliked Kate, but he became even more suspicious this time around.

Neal: Do you sleep? Have a life? I don't know, anything else?
Cornell: Yes.

I literally laughed out loud when Neal asked Cornell if she has anything else to do. Then I squealed a little bit, because Cornell was actually questioning someone who seems suspicious! I'll give her credit and say she's at least being more diligent and thorough on this case.

Did anyone catch that look he had on his face when Eric mentioned the secret P.O Box? Add that to Kate looking into him because of his shady expense situation in the flashbacks, and the mysterious man who attacked him him, and Neal just really puts me off! 

He may or may not have killed Kate, but there is something so off about him that I feel comfortable saying he's no angel, and he'll probably pop up a few times during this investigation.

John: Who was that woman with the detective?
Eric: Her name is Tina Sawyer, we dated briefly.
John: Why does Cornell want to talk to her?
Eric: Because she's going to tell her exactly what she wants to hear.

I was so annoyed when Amanda told Eric to keep the blackmail letter under wraps. He was right in wanting to tell Cornell! She's going to find out eventually and keeping it from her is going to make things worse not better! 

That's not going to help his cause at all! Nor is it going to make him any less of a suspect! 

But the second I saw Cornell with this Tina woman I cringed. I don't know how Eric and Tina's relationship ended, but whatever happened between them has him seriously shaken up! He's already talking about resignation letters and distancing himself from the firm and the board.

What on earth could Tina possibly have on him that could make him panic like that?

Things are certainly heating up on Secrets and Lies. They have really upped their game this season. 

So what did you guys think of the episode? Who is number one on your suspect list? Do you think Kate's assistant knows something and that's why he hasn't been been since? Like maybe what she was keeping in that box perhaps? Is anyone else curious about the Warner children's mother? 

Hit up the comments below and tell us what you think! Don't forget you can watch Secrets and Lies online here at TV Fanatic! 

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 3 will air on October 16. 

The Husband Review

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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Eric: Kate's black eye was an accident. She was walking into the kitchen when I opened the cupboard.
Cornell: Are you telling me that your wife walked into a door?

You publicly exposed Eric's juvenile record at his wife's memorial. A record that was sealed and expunged. It no longer exist!