Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The Liar

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Guys, I might need to make a chart of some sort just so I can keep up with all of the names and people that come up on this show! Sheesh!

Liam, Danny, Shane. and Tina were thrown into the mix, to make this already complicated and confusing mystery, all the more complicated and confusing.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 3 was a bit slower than previous episodes, as it primarily focused on figuring out just what happened to Kate's assistant, Liam. 

Not What He Seems - Secrets and Lies

Every time it feels like we have a handle on the oh so mysterious Kate Warner, they throw something in to make us question her and whether or not she was a good person. I give the show kudos for that.

I constantly find myself going back and forth on whether or not Kate was genuine or if she was up to no good. For the most part it seems like she really did love her husband. She really was great at her job. She was a huge asset to the company.

But I am starting to understand how she could end up getting killed. She's persistent, curious, and not much got past her. She was the type of person who could easily rub people who weren't doing the right thing, the wrong way.

Kate let a wolf in the hen house. Biology alone does not excuse a lapse in judgment.


I was not surprised to find out that Liam was probably the kid that Kate gave away. I was surprised that she did a background check and still let him in. And I was even more surprised to find out that he was stealing money from investors, among many other nefarious things.

It's really difficult to slowly come to grips with just how many secrets Kate kept without telling a single soul! I mean, why? Why did she keep so much from all of her loved ones? Especially Eric?

So far, every time we're close to thinking the worst, we find out that her intentions were well and pure in the end. Her secret pregnancy was a teenage indiscretion. She used their money to pay off a blackmailer. She wasn't having an affair but rather getting security information to investigate Liam.

There's always a reasonable excuse for every thing sketchy by the end of the hour. And that's fine, but I for the life of me, don't understand the motivation behind keeping so many things secret. It almost feels forced.

Dumb and brave. I like you Eric.


Danny is quite the interesting character. I literally only found his name after googling the actor's name with the show. This is why I need a chart!

I'm intrigued by him and I really do wonder just what role is he playing in all of this?! He just pops up at the most inopportune times, looking extra creepy and sinister, and being incredibly shady. Yet, despite that, he's not even on my radar as a potential killer.

The man beat up Neal, showed up at Liam's ransacked apartment, and then ended up at Liam's girlfriend's house too. What is his deal? At this point he and Eric might have to team up, and if the promos for are an indicator, they might just do that.

Eric: One day I came home and she was in my apartment.
Amanda: Boiling a rabbit?

On the other side of cuckoo for cocopuffs, cray-cray, we have Tina, who it turns out didn't throw Eric under the bus to Cornell. The good news is, Eric didn't assault his ex-girlfriend. The bad news is, she's twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag, and actually requires a restraining order.

Eric wasn't the only one she accused of assaulting her before, so because she cried wolf more than once, he was no longer on Cornell's radar as a "wife beater." Except, why exactly did Amanda assume that meant he was no longer a person of interest? 

Cornell: Are you now refusing to cooperate with the investigation?
Eric: Yes. If you want to arrest me, then arrest me.

Did Cornell give any indication whatsoever that she'd pull back on treating him like a suspect? Because I didn't get that impression at all. While I agreed with Amanda that Eric should mind his p's and q's (which is NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.), there was nothing worth celebrating. Dude's still a suspect.

Patrick: It's Monday. You were talking to dad which means, did you see mom?
Eric: She didn't see me.
Patrick: That's not funny.

We finally got to see a bit more about Eric's mom. I guess it was nice having some more concrete answers, but honestly it wasn't all that interesting. So she was drinking and driving and got into a car accident. 

Apparently his father goes to see her every single Monday, and he hasn't moved on just yet. Eric resents his mother, in part because he had to take on a bigger role and take care of his siblings while his work-a-holic father grieved and worked. 

Patrick on the other hand feels like he was deprived of having a mother in his life because he was seven when it all happened. I...don't want to sound harsh, but unless she miraculously comes out of her coma or whatever and she killed Kate, I don't really care. 

It was cool to see a young Amanda Warner, played by Corrine Massiah, who also plays young Ginny Baker on Pitch, and Lucy in Mistresses. That girl gets around!

It was also nice to see Patrick more involved with his brother and actually contributing to Eric's personal investigation and detectiving. Because it typically feels like he's just used for a few funny quips and the occasional gripe about his trophy wife. Charlie Burnett is capable of so much more.

You have to trust me. And if you can't do that...obey me.


John Warner and Neal continue to be my primary suspects. So obviously John essentially grooming and prepping Neal to take over, while pretending like Eric is the one in charge, did nothing to quell my suspicions.

They are both so damn sketchy! I don't trust John at all! And Neal doesn't come across as a real friend! Certainly not a helpful one.

What is with Neal's lies and secrets, and  why on earth did he seem to hate Kate so much? Another flashback and he was not hiding the fact that he couldn't stand the woman!

Is it because she saw through him? Did she find out more stuff about him other than that issue with the expense account? He always seems to resent her being so thorough and good at her job. Did he hit on her or like her, maybe tried to initiate something and she turned him down, and he ended up bitter?

What gives?!

So what did  you think of the episode? Do you have any new theories? How much trouble do you think Eric is about to get himself into with Danny?

We'd love to here your thoughts in the comments below! Don't forget if you've missed any of the episodes, you can catch up and watch Secrets and Lies online!

The Liar Review

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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Eric: Wait, how did you get that photo?
Danny: Your wife sent it to me right before she died.

Dumb and brave. I like you Eric.