Supergirl Round Table: Supergirl Meets the POTUS!

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Things got political on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 when Lynda Carter made her first guest appearance as the POTUS. 

Below, Jay Ruymann, Christine Orlando, Steve Ford, and Yana Grebenyuk discuss her big reveal, James' current storyline, and all the potential relationships brewing. 

Join us!

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Which potential relationship do you find most intriguing? Kara/Mon-El, Alex/Maggie, or J'onn/Lady Martian?

Jay: Alex and Maggie, for sure.‎ I think they're the most likely to get together out of the pairs, and Alex's story will be interesting.

Christine: There was definite chemistry between Maggie and Alex, but I’m curious as to where they’re going with Kara and Mon-El. They’re both stranded here on Earth. Will this be a growing romance for this season? If so, I fear tragedy in the end.

Steve: I found the reveal of Lady Martian very cool! It was the shock of the episode, without a doubt, especially since J'onn thought he was the last of his kind. I'm very curious about these two going forward. We all know that J'onn could loosen up and use some love in his life. If that is in fact where their story will go, count me in on being invested.

Yana: Alex and Maggie because guys will come and go for Kara. I don't see myself investing too much time in her love life after what happened with her and James.

Were you surprised by the reveal that the president is an alien?

Jay: I was! I'm not sure where they're going by introducing this. Maybe it's an alien bounty hunter and by dragging all of the aliens out of hiding, it will make their job that much easier? Although I'm convinced that this alien has taken the place of the real president.

Christine: I have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming. Also, I really enjoyed Lynda Carter as the president. It’s great casting and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Steve: I don't want to say surprised, I had a suspicion since she was so adamant about getting that bill signed. But the reveal at the end as she walked away was neat and makes me wonder whose side she is actually on. Just like the real life skepticism of our leaders, is she actually for the people, or does she have her own secret agenda?

Yana: I didn't see it coming but it was an interesting twist. I can't wait to see more of Lynda Carter as the president.

Are you ready for James to get his own story line? Has he become boring?

Jay: I thought James was boring last season. He's a little better as the boss, but honestly, in a world full of aliens, James' upcoming vigilante dreams as the Guardian that have been announced are just out of place. This isn't Arrow, there's no room for vigilantes.

Christine: I love the actor who plays James, but yes, he hasn’t had a lot to do so far this season. I think I would have preferred him as Kara’s boyfriend, because now, with Snapper as Kara’s immediate boss, James really doesn’t have much of a role any longer.

Steve: James hasn't become boring, his romantic relationship with Kara was though. So, I'm glad they scrapped that idea more or less and has them starting fresh so to speak. I'm interested in James' new role and I am enjoying James and Kara's professional relationship far more.

Yana: I don't know what happened with this network shift that caused James and his storyline to essentially disappear, but I really hope that changes. He doesn't have much of a tie to Kara at this point and if they want him to stand on his own, they need to remember that. At least last season we saw him with Lucy too but now it's kind of like not much is happening.

What did you think of the alien debate and Lena's detection gadget?

Jay: It's amazing that the writers were able to talk about social issues through the lens of alien rights, and it’s important to address, regardless. Lena's device is too similar to her brother's anti-alien sentiments, so I don't see her taking a stance to divide her from that way of thinking rather than just divide her from her brother.

Christine: I thought the way they infused real world issues into the alien story was wonderful. I also found it interesting that Kara referred to herself and Mon-El as refugees. I never thought of her that way, but the term certainly fits. Her home has been destroyed and there’s no going back.

Steve: Boy, was this episode was heavy in political tone. I wasn't a huge fan of it to be honest, as I feel the writers tried to do too much. Especially the all too similar stop and frisk reference with the alien detector at Lena's office. All that junk aside, I appreciate the writers trying to incorporate real life situations such as illegal immigration. It was also very obvious what the writers' political views are.

Yana: It was great to see this not ''real'' world connect things back to what is happening now. I hope this continues down the line for the show because it was a success.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jay: Kara: Should I get a blow out?

        J'onn: Oh, dear God!

Seeing Kara flustered because of the President was just adorable.

Christine: I liked it when Kara finally decided to talk to Mon-El and not assume he was the enemy. Then she had to tell him there was no home to go back to. I guess if anyone can understand the position he’s in, it’s Kara.

Steve: I really liked Kara's encouragement to James and seeing him stand up to Snapper at the end of the episode was great! It was time to let that jerk know who's boss.

Yana: I agree with Jay, Kara flustered because of the president was a great moment.

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Kara: What about you and me?
J'onn: What about us? We can look like them. We blend in. A lot of aliens can't. People in this world don't have much tolerance for others that look different. I say that as an alien and someone who's worn the face of a black man for 15 years.

Maggie: I thought the Secret Service would pay closer attention to detail.
Alex: We have technology that makes your city PD lab look like an Easy Bake Oven.