American Horror Story Round Table: The Revenge of Agnes

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We knew that the Roanoke house guests would be killed off quickly, but somehow, we were still totally unprepared to see each of the cast members of "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" slaughtered as horrifically as they were. American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 7 trimmed the number of house guests significantly.

While we saw only one major death – Rory's – on American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 6, "Chapter 7" picked up steam, killing off several characters in shocking ways.

Interestingly, only one of the characters on this installment was killed off by the actual Roanoke ghosts. Sidney and his crew were brutally killed by an unhinged Agnes, Shelby bludgeoned Matt, and Agnes herself was eventually murdered by her idol, the real Butcher.

Join TV Fanatics Amanda Steinmetz, Yana Grebenyuk, and Paul Dailly as they react to the gruesome deaths and shocking twists on "Chapter 7"!

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Matt is dead. What was your reaction to his shocking death?

Amanda: His death isn't shocking, but the way he died was. I was not expecting Shelby to be the one to murder him. That completely took me by surprise.

Yana: I didn't see him lasting long, but I couldn't imagine that Shelby would be the one to kill him. He deserved it, but I liked your theory that it wasn't actually Shelby who killed him, based off of Dominic's weird behavior.

Paul: I was shocked. I thought somehow he would end up back with Shelby, but this show is good at playing with expectations.

What was the single most horrifying moment?

Amanda: Definitely the real Polk family. I didn't think they could get any creepier than their reenactment counterparts, but oh boy, they definitely were!

Yana: Them oiling up and seasoning Lee's leg, only to then feed it to Monet and Audrey, was horrifying. I couldn't even look, because I draw the line at eating people, I really do.

Paul: Yes, the Polk family. Absolutely anything to do with them.

What did you think of Agnes' rampage?

Amanda: Her mind seemed to drift back and forth between her the persona as the Butcher and her regular self. She was delusional and murdered quite a few people, but she also seemed distressed over it all. I also thought her final moments were pretty sad and pathetic.

Yana: I laughed at her death, is that weird? Her thinking that the real Butcher would want her help was very ridiculous. But there was something poetic about Agnes getting offed by the person that she was trying so hard to always be.

Paul: I didn't like that she took Sidney out so soon. Her character was great, but I was glad the real Butcher took her out.

Who was the MVP of this episode?

Amanda: Definitely Agnes! Kathy Bates was just terrific all around.

Yana: Finn Wittrock (for the 0.2 seconds that we saw him). Honestly though, probably Agnes, because Kathy Bates did an incredible job with her.

Paul: I enjoyed Shelby the most this week. Who would have guessed that she would be the one to kill Matt?

Who do you think is the sole survivor, and why?

Amanda: I don't think Audrey, Monet, or Dominic will. So it's between Shelby and Lee at this point.

Yana: Either Dominic will ride out this plan that he has and will come out on top because of it, or Lee will live through being eaten. I don't see it being anyone else because they have already reached their breaking points.

Paul: I think it could be Lee. She seems to be trying to at least turn her life around.

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