American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Chapter 9

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Well, that was quite the hour!

On American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 9 we were introduced to a new bunch of characters who got caught up in the crazy events at Roanoke. 

It just so happened that Taissa Farmiga played one of the characters, and I couldn't help but squeal a little when I realized it was her. Her character, Sophie, was a perfect example of what social media has done to society. 

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It showed just how everyone wants to be famous and that was represented by how many followers they had. Sophie, Todd and Milo were silly to even show up at the mansion in the first place. 

It's crazy the lengths people will go to in order to become famous. I mean, who would willingly show up during the blood moon?

When the three laid eyes on Diana, it was pretty clear they were dealing with her spirit, who just wanted her dead body found, but that's because we already knew she died on American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 6

I found it completely silly that the kids returned even after being warned by the police. This did nothing but make them three victims for the wicked murderers lurking in the shadows. 

The scenes with the two kids being burnt at the steak were downright disgusting. American Horror Story has succeeded in upping the body count this season, but I don't know what that means for the credibility of the show. 

It's clear the horror elements are more present than ever, but there seems to be a severe lack of character development. It's perfectly plausible this could all be down to the fact everyone is being killed. 

Elsewhere, Dylan revealed to a shocked Audrey and Lee that he was only returning to stir the pot, but he had no clue there would be nobody around to cause drama with. 

He was just sitting in his motel room, waiting for the call to cause drama, but that call never came because everyone was busy getting butchered. 

When the three decided to find Monet and the footage, I was ecstatic. They were at least trying to escape the nightmare. Obviously, we knew there was only going to be one survivor, so there was still a whole lot of death to come. 

Audrey was definitely the MVP of the hour when she asked Ishmael to repeat what he said about murdering her, before blowing his brains out. I can't have been the only one who cheered her on. 

Sarah Paulson has been killing it as all of her characters this season, and I'm thankful we're getting to witness the return of Lana Winters from American Horror Story Season 2 on the season finale. 

As practically everyone on the American Horror Story Roundtable speculated, Lee was the final girl, but that all came after she was possessed. 

Yes, Lee actually murdered more than one person. That was quite the twist, and it was a shame Monet was given such a terrible death. 

Audrey's death floored me, but it was so obvious she would raise a weapon and be shot by the police. Forget justice for Barb, we need justice for Audrey. 

"Chapter 9" was one of the better installments this year. Adding the new characters was a good way to up the body count, but I can't wait to find out how the whole thing ends. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Did anyone else think Diana was Shelby for a split second?
  • Based on the preview for American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 10, it looks like the show is channeling American Crime Story.
  • We need to get some big scenes with the real butcher before we say goodbye to Roanoke. 
  • The Polk stealing the truck was typical. 

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Chapter 9 Review

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