Arrow Round Table: Should Wild Dog Be Cut Off?

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Did Wild Dog go too far?

That was a key question after Arrow Season 5 Episode 4 when he almost cost the team a mission. 

Below, TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Robin Harry and Jim Garner discuss Rory's decision, Felicity staying away from the rescue mission and whether Diggle will return to Team Arrow.

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What did you think of Rory leaving and returning?

Steve: I was very disappointed when Rory wanted out of the team. He's the best part about the new team and arguably the season. I was incredibly happy Felicity sought him out and was able to convince him to return. I had a feeling he would have returned to the team eventually, but I never thought it would be within the same episode.

Robin: I really liked how that played out. I think it was great that he understood Felicity's dilemma, but I think it would have been a little unbelievable if Rory had been able to move right along without having time to process or work through what he learned about Felicity. This was a good way to have him and Felicity learn to work together. Rory is my favorite of the new team, and I'm glad he stuck around.

Jim:  I have to agree with Robin on this one. Had Rory not left (even for the little time he did) it would have seemed very forced. As it was, it played out well. I'm glad he is back, but seriously he needs a slight costume adjustment, the rags in their current form are just so "yuck" hehehe.  

Are you over Wild Dog?

Steve: I am on the fence. If we could get past the arrogance, hot headedness and disobedience, Wild Dog could potentially end up being a decent addition to the team. But as of right now, I couldn't care less about his character. Church can keep him.

Robin: In no uncertain terms, I despise that character. He's been cocky, insolent, insubordinate and a terrible team player from day one, but this week he added condescension to the list and I was just not having it. Calling Felicity "blondie" with that cavalier tone of voice - even after she corrected him?? Nope. As far as I'm concerned, he can stay hanging as Tobias' punching bag. 

Jim: Yeah, I'm over him. Last week he created a super-villain and this week he got himself captured after stepping on Artemis' shot. I honestly think it would be a nice reminder to not be a bonehead if he was crippled or maimed by Church. 

What did you think of Felicity steering clear of the mission to save Diggle?

Steve: I'm surprised that she not only wanted to steer clear, but try to intervene with Oliver's mission. I can see both sides in this scenario, but if you're on the team, you're on the team all the way.

Robin: I understand her hesitation with Oliver's intentions, and I think she was using her own guilt to understand Diggle's self-punishment and penance. That said, I am beyond tired of Felicity (and everyone else, for that matter) treating Oliver like he doesn't know what he's doing. Yes, Oliver is not perfect, but the constant undermining and second-guessing is ridiculous. 

Jim: Thank you Robin! You said exactly what I was thinking. What the hell is with the "lead by committee" attitude that has developed lately. Everyone is second guessing Oliver and it's just creating chaos and havoc.  

Will Diggle really return to the team?

Steve: I think so, and I'm open to it, as long as he gets a different, less goofy helmet.

Robin: Was there ever any doubt? It was always just a matter of time. While Thea can easily be integrated into Oliver's life as a civilian, the same can't be said for Diggle. 

Jim: Does he have too? First I agree with Steve, the helmet was ridiculous, and after spending 4/5ths of last season trying to convince Oliver that Andy was good and then getting all butt-hurt when he was wrong, I've kind of put him in the same category as Wild Dog.. Team members I'm done with.   

What was your favorite scene?

Steve: Definitely Felicity convincing Rory to return to the team. The reluctancy and sorrow in Rory and Felicity was on full display in this scene, and it was very engaging to watch.

Robin: I loved watching Oliver wipe the floor with his team when they decided they weren't going to "let" him break Diggle out. It was adorable how these rookies thought they could physically stop him. He flattened them in three seconds without breaking a sweat! That was glorious. 

Jim:  As much as I'm over Diggle on the team. His conversation with Oliver after they broke him out was very touching. It reminded me of the Diggle I enjoyed, and maybe (just maybe) we will see again.  

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