Arrow Round Table: Who Is Prometheus?

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Could Quentin Lance be Prometheus?

That was the main question we were left with after Arrow Season 5 Episode 6, but none of our panelists seem to think this will ring true. 

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry, Jim Garner and Steve Ford discuss the big twist, Felicity coming clean and Oliver's big decision... 

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Could Lance really be Prometheus?

Robin: Not a chance. Red herring. Next question.

Jim: Not a chance... She cut his LEFT arm, Lance woke up with his RIGHT arm cut... total red herring.

Steve: Unless Lance is under some type of mind control and had a few combat sessions with the League of Assassin's, there is no way Lance is Prometheus.

What did you think of Felicity coming clean to Malone.

Robin: Meh, I don't care about Felicity and Malone. While I appreciate the writers' efforts to make sure Felicity doesn't keep secrets (and thus avoiding the double standard with Oliver), I'm still so irritated and apathetic about the relationship drama that I really don't care. Which is too bad, Malone likely would have been an interesting enough character without Felicity in the equation.

Jim: I'm a fan of Ritter (he looks so much like his dad), so I'm mildly interested to see where they take it. I suspect that her coming clean is either going to lead to him working with Team Arrow as well, or he will turn out to be Prometheus. 

Steve: I'm with Robin, I really not all that interested in Malicity. However, if Malone does turn out to be Prometheus, I'm curious if he is actually does care for Felicity or if he has simply been using her. Could also be a combination of both.

Did you agree with Oliver not keeping the recruits in the loop?

Robin: YES. It made complete sense for Oliver to evaluate the threat in order to determine how best to engage his team. Again, these are new kids on the block. New kids who have shown over and over again that their judgement cannot yet be trusted (well, one of them at least). Wild Dog is arrogant and impulsive, and Artemis inexplicably challenged Prometheus on her own. I see no reason why they shouldn't be kept on a need-to-know basis until they've developed the skills and judgement to earn that trust. I will forever lament this decision on the writers' part to have Oliver constantly being different to these novices.

Jim: Not at all! Being former military, I can tell you that anyone in a unit is part of the solution, even if they aren't active in battles. Leaving the recruits out of till the end setup the situation where Artemis was angry and wanted to show she could bring Prometheus down. Had she been in from the beginning and had time to understand Prometheus' true threat level, I'm guessing it would have been handled differently.  

Steve: I agree that Oliver needed to see what he was up against before bringing in the recruits, but Oliver needs to show a little more faith and trust in them.

Who is your favorite recruit?

Robin: Rory/Ragman is my favourite by a mile. Actually, by several hundred thousand miles. I love him. He's the most clearheaded, grounded and reasonable one, and his abilities are definitely the most fascinating. 

Jim: Evelyn/Artemis, Artemis was one of my favorite characters from the Young Justice series, so I have a soft spot for the TV version. I am confused however as to why she's not using Canary's equipment in some form of "new" Canary. They made a big point of showing Laurel tell Oliver not to let her be the last Canary.  

Steve: Rory, hands down. He's level headed and isn't quick to jump the gun like some of the other recruits. His powers are awesome too!

How do you think the Prometheus arc is going to play out?

Robin: I have no idea, but I seriously hope no one actually believes for a second that Lance becomes Prometheus during his drunken stupors. I still think that Prometheus is someone connected to Oliver's Russian past. 

Jim: I think that Malone is going to turn out to be the son of Konstantin Kovar and he's come to take revenge on Oliver, and is doing it by destroying the Green Arrow. PS. How cool was it to see Dolph Lundgren as Konstantin Kovar playing a Russian again. 

Steve: I really can't say. It will likely culminate to a big twist revealing his identity and endgame. I just hope it will be worth it in the end. And I have to agree with Jim that I squealed a little when I saw Lundgren and playing a Russian again. Great scene!

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Note: Arrow Season 5 Episode 7 airs November 16. 

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